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new (and rare) - Nordica Navigator skis in 179

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
For sale my Nordica Navigator skis in 179 in almost hop fresh condition - the pics say it all

These were bought for a vacation - Arthritis won and I couldnt make it work past 1 run on day 1 - and the following double hip replacement has left me a non skier for now.

These are a rare find- especially in this condition. They were only made in 2018 & 2019 - oddly as they were voted one of the skis of the year and had amazing reviews everywhere!!

They are a really poppy and fast ski aimed at intermediates and up - they are a well known superstar at railing carves at full speed and have a short and snappy turn circle more akin to a GS ski that miraculously floats through mid depth power and is nimble enough for the trees and a couloir.

This is in their DNA - As the NAVIGATOR is essentially the love child of the award winning ENFORCER series at the front and the SPITFIRE piste skis at the back -

The SALOMON STH2 wtr 13 Binding is a tried and tested Freeride grade binding - its one of the best you can buy - its that simple. DIN up to 13 comes colour matched in Orange


Snow Magazine
The Navigator is essentially an Enforcer (the brand's flagship freerider) in the front half, and a Spitfire (Nordica's premium piste ski) at the back.

We loved it immediately. It skis way shorter than the 186cm version we tried, and this half and half construction seems to genuinely work, with a lively and poppy tip offering float and easy turn initiation and a solid rear end to help power through carved turns on the hardpack. The construction contains one sheet of titanal with hexes cut out to retain torsional stiffness but allow flex. The result seems to be a great balance of lightness and power.

Edge hold and piste performance in general is superb, but the tail is not so stiff as to be catchy in softer snow. The nose is a little flappy at higher speeds , but it is literally just the nose - you can clearly see the point at which the softness stops, and underfoot it's rock solid. The off piste performance is equally impressive - mid depth powder days are a hoot - and playing off the edge the Navigator has an almost automatic feel as it glides and turns effortlessly. Tees, bumps, chutes - these skis can do it all.

The Navigator 90 is one of the most focussed and effective all mountain skis we have skied on; with ideal dimensions for most all mountain users; like a couple of other brands Nordica are offering a big step forward in a sometimes wishy-washy category.


The Nordica Navigator 90 makes a great ski for the strong intermediate to expert level skier looking for a quick and smooth turner with a shape that can head off-piste when the snow conditions are favorable. Nordica's I-Core has a lightweight feeling, and the Ti Torsion Bridge adds power giving you a great mix of stability and playfulness. The Ti Torsion Bridge delivers a hard edge grip when you are ripping on firm snow. The Navigator's Blunt Nose Tip Shap deflects nasty vibrations caused by crud, smooth turn initiation on the groomers and improved floatation in the soft snow. A Squared Off Tail Shape delivers more power as you exit a turn. If you want a very well-rounded ski that grips and rips on the frontside with the ability to head off-trail the Nordica Navigator 90 is a perfect choice.

OK - these were about £600 in 2019 - A real opportunity to pick up some of the standout all mountain skis for a song

£250? - let me know if I am out or make me an offer

Pick up for free in Surrey - I can post but at buyes expense- Skis sent Paisley Freight are about £30 INSURED from memory

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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
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