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Canting/Alignment for AT boots

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi there

I ski in Dynafit Zzzero4 (late carbon cuff model) AT boots, but my question would apply to most an AT boot i guess.

I also use Sidas custom footbeds, even DIY modified to better support the heels and improved pronation control (layers of tape where it matters).

I feel stable and planted in the boots. However, when i put a single boot on the floor, it comes into contact with the outside edge of the sole first, so sole is at an angle obviously. If no further correction comes into play, my kmees wil now roll inwards for skis flat on snow.

In the absence of cuff canting, my workaround are layers of stiff foam glued to the liners on the medial sides. This brings the boots flatter to the ground, and allows for reasonably balanced skiing. Skis track well on flats, and edging in steeps is intuitive. Yet, I see nobody else with similar solutions.

As I am about to buy new liners and will have top start the alignment from scratch, question is: Am I just too more/too sensitive? Am I missing some important tweak?

Would I leave this approx. 1cm of liner shimming away, I certainly would hate my inside edge control.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
@danbre2022, you pretty much have it covered, due to the nature of the soles you cant do anything under the boot itself (you could have an under binding cant shim) the key is get the footbed as good as it can be and then using shims on the liner collarina, sometimes you have to fill the gaps which gets the ski flatter and sometimes you have yo push things in the opposite direction

canting on touring boots is normally ignored as when ion soft snow any adjustments are less noticed compared to on a race piste where 0.25-0.5 degree is a big change

the important thing is to get the footbed spot on, it might be worth revisiting that if you are having to stick stuff all over it
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