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14 Peaks Documentary - Netflix

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
TheGeneralist wrote:

They say it in the documentary, 

Right. I thought that's what you'd say. I could well be wrong, but AFAIK Messner climbed all of the 8ks in a particular style ( including no bottled oxygen)

Nims has come along and cherry picked certain of those parameters and tried to improve on them whilst ignoring the important one[s].

In order to beat Messner's record, he needs to follow the same rules, not just remove the ones he doesn't like. He's taken the 8,000m parameter, and the time paramerer and ignored the Oxygen parameter. If we reducto ad absurdum this one I'm pretty sure I could climb 14 mountains without oxygen in less than a week. Madeye-Smiley

In regards to my "it's in the film" quote I'm simply referring to them claiming 7 years is the shortest time frame to summit all 8000m peaks, and Nims did it in 7 months. I just see no reason to doubt either claim. Even if someone had done it quicker than 7 years, there's clearly been no one who did it anywhere close to 7 months, Nims record still blows the others away in terms of time so it doesn't really change much imo.

Messner doesn't have a "record". He was simply the first person to do it and happened to do it in great mountaineering style. There are no hard rules for Nims challenge as it's not a real record in comparison to something like the 100m or marathon that have universally accepted rules. That's the problem with these artificial records, that are becoming increasingly popular in the endurance world. I'm not disagreeing with you that messners achievement was better as a mountaineering feat, but that doesn't mean Nims doesn't have a record (by all means have two records with and without o2). It's a bit like kipchoges sub 2 challenge, yes they used every bit of manipulation to get him under 2 hours, but that was the goal - not doing a run under proper marathon conditions, Nims challenge is the same summit all 8k peaks as fast as possible regardless of style (although to be fair he could of had it much much easier than he actually did it!).
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person

The think I'm finding bizarre about this discussion is that I don't read much but respect for, say, Jornet's record for speed ascent of Mont Blanc, etc. No one thinks it is the same thing as pushing a new hard route on a classic north face. It is a different thing that should be recognised on its own terms. Surely that is the same with the 14 summits?

Trouble with mont blanc is it's too easy and low (relatively of course), which makes it more of a trail run style achievement than a mountaineering one. More technically demanding speed routes get a lot more recognition, for example ueli stacks eiger climbs.

The thing is a lot of non-mountaineers do think Nims challenge is the greatest mountaineering feat ever. They are putting it above everything else as in general in sport faster = better. They maybe don't appreciate the nuances of climbing that route difficulty and style (e.g. no o2) do matter to many.

Yes I think it should be recognised as its own achievement, as I keep saying it is an incredible accomplishment I really don't mean to downplay the difficulty of it. That said it's only natural to compare new achievements to previous.


Just enjoy the programme. It's inspiring....

Yes I enjoyed it and it is inspiring. Doesn't mean there are not interesting discussions to be had. No different to watching a football match and then discussing it afterwards.
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