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 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
@plectrum I think you've got to run through a virtual Dragons Den Q&A in your mind and see if you can make your idea sell. Because at the moment I'm reading it like this:

You "We've done some market research on ski forums and asked what people think."
Dragon "OK, so what was the result?"

You "Well, most people were neutral to negative. But they're not necessarily representative."
Dragon "OK. So what makes you think they aren't representative?"

You "Well, I envisage a younger cohort."
Dragon "OK, so what makes you think such a cohort exists? What research supports this? What's the proportion of 'younger' people to 'older' ones who ski? How do you know that it's not a beginner who would be the market for this, irrespective of age?"

and so on. You may not be asking someone for funding, but it's a useful exercise if you can find someone you know with a good business track-record who will act as Devil's Advocate and ask all the obvious questions as if they were putting their capital/time on the line. They will probably also ask you if you have considered issues around intellectual property i.e. what if you are very successful but someone steals your idea and implements a cheaper/free version? At what point would you consider selling the rights if you were approached by a corporate, and how would you price the source code? Or if you sell into the US market, what is your contingency for the inevitable lawsuits when someone using it claims to have been led into an accident by the app? Or what if you're sued by a major app developer for 'stealing' their idea? etc. etc.
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