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Boot mounting position on a set of Womens Pearl 88s

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
My wife has a pair of Volkl Fuego skis that she loves and uses as her main ski here in the northeast. They are length 151

I bought her a pair of Black Pearl 88 skis. The have Marker 11 TCX bindings on them... the look like demo bindings. They are length 152

She has told me she has a hard time with them and that they are very stiff to her.

I looked... and the boot/binding position on the ski is good 1" forward if you lay the center of the skis and bindings with boots locked side by side.

Does that sound right ? 1" forward to me seems like its off.

Both skis were setup/adjusted by the same ski shop btw.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Many women prefer a more forward mounting position due to their centre of balance being on average lower down the body to the average male. A more forward position tends to make the ski easier to initiate turns, moving the mounting backwards tend to make them stable at higher speeds, more of a charger. I'd guess that the new ski may be a little wider and stiffer than she is used to and she will need to work harder or improve her technique to get the best out of it. I myself prefer my all mountain and powder skis to be mounted a littel closer to the centre for better maneuverability.

Fuego: 73mm waist dimension creates quick edge-to-edge transfers on groomers, while moderate tip and tail dimensions allow for off-piste exploration
Extended Double Grip chambers improve edge support, resulting in precise distribution of pressure to the snow for exacting control
20/20 Extended Wood cores extend upward to form the chambers of the Extended Double Grip construction, for powerful turning and torsional rigidity
Women-specific wood core is 20% lighter and 20% more flexible than comparable unisex skis—more fun, less work!

In reviews of the Pearl you find comments like:
Shannon Walton thought it was a “great all-around ski” after her test runs on the 166 cm length. Shannon gave the Black Pearl 88 some high scores. 5 out of 5 for quickness/maneuverability, playfulness, and forgiveness, with stability, torsional stiffness/edge grip, versatility, and overall impression all coming in with 4’s out of 5. Only flotation was lower at 3 out of 5. “Best for strong intermediate or advanced skier. Easy turn initiation, fun and playful feel. Confidence-inspiring. Was a lot of fun to ski and I felt the ski could do whatever I asked it to.”

Elise Magnant also tested the 166 cm Black Pearl 88 and found it to be a little bit too much for her self-described beginner level. While it is an approachable ski for less-aggressive skiers, Elise is right that it’s not the best choice for a true beginner. “Tested on soft spring corn with some firm patches. As a beginner skier, I felt this ski required a more advanced skier.” Intermediates and advanced skiers with more accomplished technique will find a nice amount of forgiveness in the Black Pearl 88, but it’s a little bit lost on beginners.
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