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Ischgl under investigation

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Whitegold wrote:

Covid-19 has smashed the ski and tourist industry.

10/10 for your skills of deduction! wink
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
cameronphillips2000 wrote:
Mjit wrote:
The only thing airport thermometer scanning does is makes people FEEL safer, it doesn't actually MAKE them any safer.

OK, so Iceland detected people with a Covid-19 feaver arriving at the airport. At this point they should have locked down the whole airport, stopped all flights in and out, traced everyone in the airport at the same time, even if on different flights, and anyone they had contacted since leaving the airport. THAT would have helped slow the spread of Covid, but I'm guessing what they actually did was just took those people aside and treated/isolated them, and let everyone else go on their way and the cleaners on for a quick rubbish pick and wave of (the same) damp cloth over the seat back tables before packing it with another load of people.

Detecting people with Covid-19 makes everybody else a lot safer. Sorry to be so blunt but not exactly rocket science. For the last months, every scientist, in every country says it's all about testing. If you can't test everyone all the time using accurate swab testing then IR thermometer testing is better than nothing. Austria kept infection rates low. They temperature tested all coming in forom Italy in the early days. Iceland stopped a bunch of Covid - 19 carriers from going out to shops, bars, parks etc. The infected people could have spread the disease quickly throughout eh whole country.

Early warning ssytems don't fight enemies/ But it helps you know where they are. IR testing has proved surprisingly accurate at finding cases.

Detecting people with Covid-19 doesn't make everybody else a lot safer, only isolating people with Covid-19 will do that. Yes, you need to know who has it to know who to isolate, but my point was that detection is nothing without action, and the Ischgl cases were detected in Iceland at the start of March - but Iceland didn't enter lockdown until the end of March (about a week after Austria as it happens).

Another interesting tidbit I found while searching for Icelands lockdown date - the first Covid case was identified in Iceland on Feb. 28th, in someone who had been skiing in Italy, in an area that didn't lock down its ski resorts until the same time as Austria, who's Icelandic cases weren't detected until a week after the Italian one...and were potentially the result if being infected in Iceland before/while travelling and so having taken Covid TO Ischgl.

(though MUCH more likely to have been someone doing a week in Italy followed by a week in Ischgl)
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