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Mammut PAS Avalanche Airbag 15L, 30L and Carbon Cylinder

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I have succumbed to the temptation of a Scott Patrol airbag at a good price which means that this fantastic airbag system is surplus to requirements.

This is the Mammut Protection Airbag System (PAS) rather than the more common RAS system and so is based on the design of the Snowpulse system with an airbag shaped to protect the head.

There are 4 components to this set, I would prefer to sell them as a whole but will consider selling them seperately however only once the airbag system +/- one of the backpacks has been sold.

In total, this has probably been used for around 8 weeks roughly half with each bag. The 15L pack was bought used so may have been used previously although both are in excellent condition with no real signs of use. This has not been test fired yet this year so the cartridge is full and expiry date is 2026.

The set comprises

Mammut PAS 2.0 airbag system
Mammut Light 30L airbag compatible pack
Mammut Carbon Cylinder
Mammut Rocker 15L PAS airbag compatible pack

This comes with a reactivation key for the trigger mechanism and original tags for the 30L pack and an all important instruction booklet!

I believe the RRP for the 30L pack and airbag system was around £600, the carbon cylinder around £100 and the 15L pack around £120 so a total of £820

One of the key advantages of this system is that it is lightweight for an airbag system. Both packs including airbag and cartridge weigh around 2.7kg so less than most ABS or BCA systems and the older electric airbag systems.

I'm looking for £420 for the set which is a fair saving on the cost of a new system and this one gives flexibility for sidecountry trips as well as day tours or longer with the different pack sizes. I wound rather do a fact to face transaction for this due to the difficulty of shipping gas cartridges but will look at options for shipping with the buyer as required. I'm based in Central/North London

Another option for SOPiB goers is that I could hand deliver a pack, the airbag and the cartridge to you for use there as I am going on that bash and then post the other pack via usual mail.

Few pictures below but plenty more if required

IMG_3702 by Matt G, on Flickr

IMG_3700 by Matt G, on Flickr

IMG_3695 by Matt G, on Flickr

IMG_3696 by Matt G, on Flickr

If you need any more info then drop me a PM. If you are interested in part of the set then let me know and I will give you first refusal if the buyer of the airbag doesn't want any of the other components
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Bump back up and a reduction to £400 for the set ONO. Have listed it on Ebay now (for more) but would rather sell it here!
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