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 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
@Dave of the Marmottes, think you're right about quality of build. I was trying not to let my enthusiasm for Kastle to trample other's preferences for other makes Very Happy

I came to them from a circuitous rote though. Bought a pair of 1970s Kastle from a car boot sale at £4, complete with Lillywhites of Piccadilly stickers as supplying dealer Smile

Straight and nearly 2mtrs, I serviced them, took a guess at binding din, 1~4 choices, and took them out to the the alps a couple of years ago.

Now, I set the edges sharp from tip to tail with no filing back to mitigate the tips Laughing well that was a surprise. Uncompromising could describe how they worked. Anyway, brushing up my earlier technique after some years on easier skis, they where surprisingly good. But you really had to pay attention to driving them else they behaved like violent thugs.
I was trying to establish for myself a reference plane in what they would do, having never skied on something of this type.
They'll run turns no problem at all with an edge grip tenacity that was, ahem, advanced. But if you were tootling along and dared to even look out the side window they'd disappear off in different directions, truly defined "catching an edge" for me. Good news was the bindings released ok Very Happy

Anyway, impressed by their shear structural integrity, I was looking for some new twins and came across the XX90 for £175 new flat skis in Ekosport. I know the company has dissappeared and been reincarnated in the interim, but they seem to have started again with similar integrity of construction if comments on here are to be taken.

For @valais2, maybe the FX95HP would be the ski to really illuminate the potential of how far a rockered tip has been developed, that should encompass some existing technique while allowing an exploration of transition to one that maximises the potential of rocker.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
@ski3, fascinating. I am 1.6m and do remember the days of 2m skis, stiff as a scaffolding pipe and needing huge force to get them into a curve. Hats off.

Thanks for the advice re FX95HP. Kastle continue to produce to a very high standard and I am looking forwards to arsing around on the Colbys. But I am always open to recommendations and will maybe try to borrow before buying. Tempted to try 100Eights.

This thread is SH at its best - people reflecting carefully on their own experience and digging deep into that to offer detailed and thoughtful advice. Good stuff.

As an exercise in thanks to all that posted...skip over to ‘Now sing this....’ thread. Interesting ‘deep play’ psychology....
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