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Outstanding Customer Service - Ortovox UK Distributor

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
As some of you know, I had an accidental airbag deployment in January. The handle was stowed and I rolled many times in powder, causing the handle/cable to get jerked into my shoulder and activate the airbag. My fault and if the handle had been out (I was larking around in a safe area), it would not have deployed.

When inspecting the bag afterwards, I noticed that the deployment had torn away some stitching on the velcro that holds the sealer flap over the airbag burst zip.

Although I had owned the airbag for 2.5 years, this was the first deployment so I asked Ortovox's UK distributor if this could still be covered by warranty. Not only did they send my airbag off to Ortovox HQ (Germany) for inspection but they lent me another airbag whilst it was away.

Today, I've just received a brand new replacement Ascent 22 for my original one.

I had leaned towards Ortovox in the original purchase because of the brands superb reputation but such outstanding customer service deserves massive praise.

Huge thanks to Sam at Noble Custom and the staff at Ortovox HQ.
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