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It's killing me holding off booking Easter week

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Wow. BA to Grenoble departing this Saturday and returning easter sunday for 2 adults 2 children now down to 450 quid all in with luggage. Or 650 including 8 day Renault Espace sized rental. Crazy prices. That's 200 cheaper than I booked it for last week.

Anyway everything is now all booked (flights, car hire, excess insurance, gatwick parking, appartment, saturday night hotel for return) so I'm good to go Happy
3 more nights to go snowHead
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
@Gazzza, out of interest how much have you saved waiting late and do you think it restricted your choice at all??
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
I don't think you'd generally get a scheduled flight on BA for 450-650 in school holidays for 4 passengers (115-175pp) return including luggage.
I paid £650 8 days before. Ironically if I'd have booked it half a week earlier Id have paid £100 less. If Id have booked it today I'd have paid 200 less. C'est la vie. But certainly way cheaper than when I looked at flights a month or two ago, they were 00's each way pp. Certainly over 1k for the 4 of us. In which case we'd have just driven/tunnel.

However I think in a normal year I'd not have got such a deal. Normally closer to departure scheduled flights go up - for some reason there's tons of seat still available hence the sell off. Possibly a combination of late easter, brexit having being pushed to Fri 12th, possibly general tightening of belts.

I think for packages, certainly I'd have saved, from my research the lowest they dipped was early last week. There's still a few packages about. Interesting the Alpine elements got gradually cheaper, hit a low last week and are more expensive this week than last (though lower than when I looked a month ago). Nielson were also selling off a few good deals last week, though they wanted to charge 45 each way per set of skis/boards and I have 4, so that actually made them a non starter for me.

The accomodation I booked was certainly cheaper last minute - Reberty, with pool and spa, close to Bruyeres gondola base, apartment with 3 bedrooms. It's reduced on the accomodation owners site 1 380 €, down to 966 € . I paid £845 for it on Expedia, and tracked 11% cashback through topcashback. Tons of accomodation left and somem good deals on sunweb.

So on this occasion its worked out. So I've paid £1710 for flights, car hire and accommodation. Just under 430 a head. Would have been 50/a head cheaper if Id have taken a 1 bed + cabine apartment, or even cheaper still if we'd have gone for a basic 2/3* apartment in a block without pool/spa. Its worked out better DIY I think as we're getting 7 days skiing for that (extra EUR 80 for airport hotel sat night). Packages dropped to around 500-550 pp admittedly with chalet catering, but without the full pool/spa (though a few of the catered chalets had a saune or jacuzzi), and for only 6 days skiing. We prefer an apartment anyway to have own space in the evenings.

skiamis have some blinding catered accomodation only deals at 250-350 pp. We almost booked one of those but we didn't want to do any of their locations. Almost went with their Bettex Les Menuire one, but decided it was better to be up in Reberty.
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