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UBC to Kelowna by road

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Am planing to drive from University of British Columbia to Kelowna on a Friday in January, leaving circa 15:00. Google thinks about 4.5 hours. Is this realistic and is the highway likely to close, due to snow, for example?
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
I assume you mean from the Vancouver campus. I normally drive from downtown Vancouver via Hope & Merit up to Kamloops and beyond at this time of year - will be doing that Saturday morning, for example. I've driven that way multiple times per season for 30 seasons. It's a while since I drove straight to Kelowna, but for my own drive to Blue River, google's timings look short - they reckon you can get there in 6.5 hours, which is a couple of hours short at this time of year unless the roads are all bare.

I've driven it during the day and at night - day is easier (and generally quicker) but it all works. I use legal M&S tyres. You want decent screen wash which is available everywhere.

If it's cold and snowy (I've not checked: I don't care) then north of Hope expect a fair bit of snow covering - you can see what it's like on the web cams.
The inside lane generally will have better grip.

It depends on the conditions. You may get delayed if someone else does. It's not that common (the road's more reliable than the flights into YKA). I drive carefully, leave lots of distance, and don't argue with strangers on the internet. Sometimes the highway will be closed for a day for whatever reason, but I've never seen that, and have never been delayed for more than a couple of hours. I always have snowboard gear, so I know I won't die if I happen to get stuck in something which takes longer to clear.

The highway cams are here:
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