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27 Dec transfer to Belleville valley-VT etc

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi all, not sure where to put this thread. So here seems good, I have booked a transfer to share from GVA to St Martin which is open to share on . It’s an early morning collection as my flight lands at 9am. If anyone is in need of a transfer, I’d love someone to join me and help share the cost . We were going to drive down, but one extra body in the car, means Mr P thought I’d “prefer” to fly and get there early (presumably to prepare dinner for 6), plus he hadn’t factored in the cheapest flight left at 6am, and I needed to get myself and luggage up the mountain. So, I’m shelling out around £400 I didn’t intend to...And I’ve also just realised that the toll tag for the car full is charged to my account! Little Angel Confused Very Happy
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