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Was this the very first 'bash'?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
The date: 29 December 2003 (5 weeks before snowHeads began.
The promoter: 'u brain' (admin's alternative moniker).
The resort: La Plagne.

More about 'u brain':
snow conditions
 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Good post.
ski holidays
 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Whitegold wrote:
Good post.

Thank you. This thread - of only 2 posts to date - has had 325 views so far, which is quite a high count.

Two of the three links above have been disabled. Someone's removed a single digit from the sequence of numbers at the end of each URL, causing the FB error message.
Someone clearly doesn't want these Facebook postings viewed, so I'll summarise the content that maybe doesn't cause concern.

By the way ... since the question's not been answered ... that posting of 29.12.2003 (middle link) on the SCGB forum ...
SkiClubGB / Chat Forum / Skiing & Snowboarding (general)

La Plagne by Euro* 9Jan-17thJan
anyone interested?

u brain Posted: 29 Dec 2003 02:02

6 of us travelling by Euro* via Paris dep-Waterloo Fri 09.01.04 16:25.
Need 2 more to fill the chalet.
<£250 catered accomodation, 8days skiing.

This is the accomodation. Ignore what it says about catering being 'breakfast only': I've been offered full chalet board if we fill the place!
Need a quick response though.
Reply here or mail me at UBrainski(place at here)

Party specifications.
2 x male
4 x female
ski x 4
Board x 2

... may or may not be 'the very first bash'. I actually very much doubt it. The text's author has all the hallmarks of someone who'd cut their teeth in organising ski holidays for diverse people, but it's interesting in maybe consolidating a trend via social media.

The disabled links to Facebook examine the background. Some of the details ...



When snowHeads sprang to life in Feb 2004 there was interest in its heritage/inspiration. Its founder(s) had a background in electronic music, with a recording studio behind Kings Cross station in London called ...
-- 'ULTIMATE BRAIN'. Its website continues, with its recording hardware (maybe still intact!) listed here:
Describing its locality at that time (billions have been spent on modernisation of the area since then) ... "The studio is located in Kings Cross, London: convenient for shops,trains, busses, whores and crack dealers."

Various other artists/enterprises were tagged to that one, including 'Freedom of Sound' and 'Krass':
-- 'FREEDOM OF SOUND'. Its recordings:
Freedom of Sound has its own history. Quoting its webpage:
"Freedom of sound have been about since about 1990 with their first release 'A Kiss' being made and punted round the shops and distributors DIY style with the help of Existence ...
... Going on to join forces with Choci (known for his Chewns and bad spelling) to set up a bit of a wikid studio in Soho; a year holed up in there brought a fair few releases on Aura and Chocis Chewns ... This was then transformed into a live thing with spots at such noisy places as Megatripolis, Tribal Energy and The Final Frontier at Cub UK as well as a couple of Live Broadcasts for Mushroom FM in Cambridge thanks to nice people like Mr. Smith and Lulu from Clueless SoundSystem ...
... Loads of parties and two studios later Freedom of Sound is now signed to Silver Planet and based at the Ultimate Brain in London's Kings Cross along with Uplink and Alien Cops In Disguise and living on fags and an endless supply of decent coffee."
-- KRASS. Led by Christof Damian, this links/linked to the above via its work in London, Germany and Barcelona:
Referring to snowHeads on its site, it says in its links:
people who got evicted from the Ski Club Great Britain. Also running on my server and eating my bandwidth"
snow conditions

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