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Booking our first trip - not a clue

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
imustbemadme wrote:

Seriously?! Who's they? Maybe worth double checking with the exam board. I think Inside Out Skiing run GCSE skiing packages at Hemel so they'd be aware of penalties for using domes.

This is interesting thank you. It was one of her PE teachers whose son is also doing snowboarding for his GCSE. Don't get me wrong, we're really excited to go now we've all learnt to do it. Now I just have to pay attention to the advice on here.

The deadline for the video submission is before half term in Feb otherwise we could have gone in February without as much of an issue about snow sure resorts but we don't want to leave it all to the last minute.

Must admit I was suprised by that too. I don't have any direct experience but I do know that exam boards do have different requirements.
If your reason for going abroad to do it is to maximise marks then I'd definately be talking to the ski/snowsports school in advance and ensuring that the instructor has experience of running these sessions. Depending on your daughter's level of experience also think hard about when in the week to do the recording and how much tuition to pay for before. If she has had plenty of mountain time great, if she's new to the mountain environment then it can take a bit of adjustment. Weather might also be a factor... you don't want to leave the recording to the last day and it be a whiteout, or high winds and the lifts closed..
BASI have put some best practices for instructors recording GCSE assessments on their website over the summer which you might find useful/ interesting (although it is specifically around ski rather than board as written by a skiier)
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