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Tignes Les Boisses April 12th

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Going here with my 11 year old which will be his proper experience of proper mountains

Is there easy access to high blues from this area?

Don’t mind too much about getting back in slush as we can jump on the bus in main Tignes

He’s skied for 4 days in a lower area, short 1km runs and had plenty of hours in the snow dome

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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
First off - is he in ski school? If so they will look after him. Sounds like he will be beyond the nursery slope in Les Boisses.

You can get the Boisses bubble and then the Aiguille Rouge chair and ski down Petit Col. But it does have a steep bit and is basically a track. So as not to put him off I would come up to Le Lac on the bus on the first day, do a couple of laps of the Rosset lift to see how he goes before setting off up the Palafour lift and down Piste Kadjar.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
@up4it, Tignes blues could be quite a step up in challenge from 4 days in a lower area (where, how challenging?) and snow dome skiing.

Some lessons to begin with could build technique and confidence. I'd agree with @chocksaway, that a bus ride up to Tignes 2100 (Le Lac) is a good start. Try the Rosset chair and Lavachet draglift 'circuit' for a warm up. If all good, across to other side of Maison de Tignes for Palafour chairlift and piste Kadjar.

Next progression for me would be catch Toviere gondola from Tignes 2100. Takes you up to 2700m. Creux piste down to Mont Blanc chairlift (slightly tricky often busy short opening section.....then mostly OK....then steeper bit towards bottom). A few short laps around Tines and Mouton blues either side of Mont Blanc chairlift.

Will you have Espace Killy full area passes? If so, for an exciting trip out, probably later in week if conditions and progression allow. Toviere gondola , Creux piste to Marmottes chair. That takes you to Rocher de Bellevarde at 2800m. Catch Olympique gondola down into Val D centre, with a great view of Face de Bellevarde Olympic men's downhill course below. Stroll 50m to Solaise gondola. Once on top of Solaise, several very good greens/blues, nice new visitor centre building with café. Real sense of being high in mountains, with great views, but easy runs. Lots of lift riding (chance for a rest) but some good skiing as reward.

Strongly recommend don't be tempted to ski down into Val D village either from Bellevarde peak (via Santons piste), or from Solaise down Plan M. Save those for a future trip.

Then for a real high-mountain, relatively low risk experience. Take bus from Tignes 2100 up to Val Claret. Then Funicular Perce Neige from Val C centre to the col just below the Grande Motte glacier. Then the long blue run all the way back to Val Claret village. Genepy, then Prariond.

Personally I'd say watch out for the several runs down into La Daille. They tend to be undergraded, especially the green. All end in a fairly steep (for greens/blues) 200m pitch.

One positive is that arrival on Apr 12 should give reasonably quiet pistes.
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You need to Login to know who's really who.
I agree with the run from the Grande Motte glacier. For relative beginners it’s a really nice long run and it will be a great experience for your son to get up to the top of the glacier.
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