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Instructors in Arc 1800 for young children

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
We're looking for some private lessons for our 3 year old. He's very small for his age but quite coordinated, can ride a pedal bike without stabilisers and does want to ski so we'd like to help him do that (even though he's convinced that once he can stop and turn he can ski everything on the mountain with Mummy and Daddy - hmmm)!

We've been taking him out in the snow on gentle slopes (e.g. by Le Lodge at Mille 8 ) and he's quite happy playing in the snow and sliding in a straight line. He's pretty tired out (understandably) after about 30 minutes so we haven't been keen to put him in ski school - instead he's been with a shared nanny while we ski and then we've been taking him out in the late afternoon.

However it might be nice for him to have some input from someone who isn't Mum or Dad as we're not used to teaching someone to ski. We're not expecting him to be able to do anything significant, but equally he is desperate to be able to stop and turn on his own, but whatever we're doing doesn't seem to be encouraging that. He's seen people having lessons and is interested in there being a skiing "teacher". If anyone can recommend an instructor who could take our son (and us) for a short lesson that would be great. Alternatively if you have any good ideas of games that might help encourage turning/stopping that would also be really helpful.
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