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Northstar or heavenly

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I'm coming out to ski the last week of January. I have the epic pass and ski and stay at either place, I'm coming out with my wife who is a very good skier, when the snow is this low, which resort does a better good of grooming and keeping the snow the softest?
Thanks for any info. Also, we are not big partiers, we usually grab a beer or 2 after skiing and then go out to dinner somewhere, any advice on where to stay!
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Conditions are equal within the basin at this time. Both facilities are different, not just in their skiing, but in the general atmosphere they offer. As Northstar is oriented toward family, while grooming should be equal with any and all stations that ring the lake doing all that can be done to make the most of what little snow there is, Northstar's grooming will not fall short in their attempt to make for as best conditions as can be. Northstar does in fact have very nice terrain and excellent vistas!!!
If you and your wife prefer a more relaxed atmosphere et al., focus on Northstar. Being on the North Shore, it is monumentally more relaxed, casual, "homey" to that of South Lake...........
You have Kings Beach to the immediate south of Northstar which is low rent with a few places to relax afterward (as well, a Safeway grocery store!). Or, from Kings Beach, drive west toward/to Tahoe City where there's a great deal more, or east into Nevada............, Incline Village. Amongst all three areas there are some decent places to unwind as per your preference. Also, to the north of Northstar is Truckee via 267, another easy drive. Not a lot there, but still. Assuming you're flying in, you'll drive through Truckee either from San Francisco or Reno in order to get to Northstar. And by the way........, mind your speed. At least in California, you'd be amazed as to how often you ARE seen by troopers....... They're v. good at what they do!

I would recommend at some point during your stay your taking the 2 hour round-the-lake drive in either direction (clockwise is best), perhaps in the afternoon when things are visually settling down. Lake Tahoe at any time of day is gorgeous. Being on the west side adequately before and then ultimately during dusk/sundown is its own rewarding experience with Emerald Bay on up to Homewood especially memorable. Nothing is cliche'. Sundown from Kings Beach where you can walk right down to the lake is always nice. Do not overlook/miss Sunnyside restaurant just south of Tahoe City on the lake which you will drive by on the aforementioned tour, about five minutes north of Homewood coming up on the west side from the south. Also, River Ranch (restaurant) at the turnout for Alpine on 89 is a worthy place to be able to say you did not miss.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Thanks. Ill definitely do the drive around the lake. Emerald bay is definitely worth the drive. I have been to Tahoe a few times, but my wife has never been. I've always stayed in kings beach or incline, but wasn't sure if either place did a better job of grooming. Luckily, it's never mattered about grooming when I've been to Tahoe, the conditions have always been amazing. This year, it looks like the grooming could be real important.
I think I've eaten at the restaurant river ranch before.
You should check out a restaurant called sole domain. It's close to the casinos, I think by crystal bay.
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