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The snow this year A DIFFERENT TAKE

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
well there's been a lot of 'too much' and 'traffic chaos' and 'we're aaaaall dooooomed' - but here's something to mull over.


Reasonable fall in late nov and early dec - onto reasonably cold ground but good adhesion. Good base. Nice start.
Big dumps, minor thaws, good adhesion of layers. Building nicely.
Dumpy days rather good up to the thigh powder. Or chest in the case of my twelve year old. Switch him to 144 Gotamas (thanks JP) from Atomic race skis and suddenly he's floating where I am sinking. Huge fun.
Then stupid day of rain. Glazed everything.
Then terrible day of high wind. Pushed loose snow onto the glazed stuff and then glazed anything left. Horrid.
Note to self: there will be a nasty layer of instability in the snow pack from this point on. 2m can fall, it'll all look great, and no slope over 30 deg can be trusted.

Two years ago we did some pits in Les Faverges - lovely adherence right through the pack, and then a disjunction layer about 2cms off the ground. hideous.
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