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best resort to buy £3m chalet

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
The OP suggests the chalet is for the purpose to use/rent out. Many chalets in ski resorts are not used year round. They are not the main residences, and many have restrictions like having to rent it out for minimum durations during the year.

Given it is not going to be a main residence, it seems that the main purpose is investment.

Property investment in ski resorts are not usually highly profitable. The yield is low, the costs are high, and political risk is high. They are even more highly concentrated risk than residential letting due to initial higher costs of purchase and low yield.

For most people, this is not a viable or sensible investment due to specific risk. It will also mean that ultimately you will want to sell it, when you reach an age that skiing and sub zero temperatures become something you cannot do.

Given this means you may only have 10-15 years of it before you want to sell, I would suggest renting would be a better option. When you rent you are not committed to one ski resort every year, and you can upscale or downscale easily depending on your circumstances. You will never become a forced seller.

As such properties are generally best suited for investment, and are generally too large for most small scale investment portfolios, a much better solution would be a skiing property fund in which you can obtain weeks use in lieu of dividends. Less concentrated risk, and you still obtain the exposure to capital appreciation, currency risk, and inflation protection.

As I said initially, they are not usually good investments, mainly as a result of the costs and low yields. They can be good investments on an individual basis, with the right care and attention. In general though, it would be best for amateurs to avoid as they are likely to be big black holes like a motor yacht parked in St Tropez.
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