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US Ski Areas Drought

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Thanks all... Smile

We've booked through mr. mike - so assuming it'll be a 'Rules are rules' scenario... rolling eyes like. Might drop them an email.

Started checking out Airbnb today in case we cancel our Snowmass booking....Looks like we could get a room in a house in the suburbs from about £80 a night - though (as never used before) bit surprised to see that their extra charges (booking fee, cleaning fee & tax) can increase the basic price by a whopping 33% Shocked

Snow now forecast for the next few days then apparently turning stormy round about 16 January - so Aspen/Snow mass could yet still be a goer....

In the meantime, we're still faced with the do we, don't we cancellation dilemma...and the 14 January deadline...rolling eyes!
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