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 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I read that there has been a change in the pressure sensor readout. The change drops individual readout and has only the sliding ball. Is that correct.
I saw a Youtube video by Tom Gillie that has the pad display and video of the skier side by side realtime. That was interesting. The dots lit up when activated turning the turn and there was also an averaged pressure display over the pad of where levels of pressure, also realtime.

Is the data isolated by run and can individual run data be downloaded for analysis by Microsoft Excel? Is the data (all) compatible, like edge angles, pressure, boot angles & etc.

Can CARV data collection be stopped and started on a run to isolate parts of a run? That is can I ski ¼ or a trail stop it and start it again a few times in the same way and locate those segments later that day?

I have seen reviews that were fairly negative about reliability, glitches and bugs. What is the current status of the product? Anyone have any feedback from 2019?
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