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Positive for Chillfactore

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Mrs endo has agreed to try skiing for the first time ever. It’s my 50th in Jan and we are heading to Whistler where our son and GF did 2 seasons and want to show us around. I thought it wise to get her some lessons in advance.

We are closest to Castleford, but Chillfactore had a great deal of £150 for a beginner and improver day. Basically 2 full days of lessons. Could be split into smaller chunks if wanted but she asked to do it in one day chunks. We chose midweek so it wouldn’t be busy.

First day was friday, I dropped her off, helped her put on the boots, and then went to visit my parents 30 miles away. I came back after lunch and had a ski myself. At 10 am when she was due to start there were 2 others at the meeting bench. When I returned the class had grown to 9. I watched while I skied and she was just about snowplough turning, while others in the group were performing decent parallel turns. They then headed to the drag lift and she got off half way. Did two very slow runs down, and then that was it. Instructor was put in a difficult position by being asked to teach others who had skied before, but needed signing off to use the slope. 1 of the group packed in at lunchtime, and another did similar mid afternoon. We were told to book a level 3 lesson and then re schedule the improver day which had been booked for Monday.

Went to the desk and told them this, didn’t realise there would be 60 odd quid more to pay, and fortunately one of those that packed also was passing and told of the large and very mixed ability group. We were comped the L3 lesson for which we were thankful and didn’t ask for. Wife was at this point ready to give up and not ski again.

Saturday am we get an email to mrs endo’s address saying that the improver course only had one person booked on it, and hence she had been upgraded to 2 private lessons during the day. No mention of the evening L3 that we had booked. We rang up and it was confirmed that she had 2 privates booked for Monday daytime, and also a 2 hour lift pass to use later. Very good response from Chillfactore.

Monday lesson was understandably much better, she was laughing and smiling, spent most of the day on the drag lift, and can now link plough parallels and has been signed off to use the lift on her own and follow me eventually on a gentle run from the top. We still have the 2 hour pass to use and I bought a month pass to get me back to speed before moguls day at cas.

Well done the Chillfactore for handling the situation. She had little understanding of anything after Friday’s full day due to the instructor not being able to spend enough time with here. Now she gets it, and although still apprehensive, skis in control.
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