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Sestriere boys trip

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I've just got back from a four day trip with 12 friends staying in budget accommodation (Residencia L'Teit) in Borgata. A very mixed group from the highly experienced (touring/heli), advanced through to second week skiiers. All male, 40 to 69.

We had 4 great days (skiing powder in the Borgata trees on Saturday was epic) mainly sunny and warm with a huge dump on Saturday. Because the forests are larch there are no leaves and with 40kmh winds the snow absolutely dumped in the trees on the leeside of the mountain. We ended up with 30cm fresh on piste and up to 50 in the trees.

My pal Arti and I skiied the same lift 15 times in one day because there was so much to do in the trees and we were still discovering fresh tracks at 3.00pm!

A huge thanks to the Sauze Online guys for their help sorting restaurants and ski hire discounts - top people!!


Budget accommodation that delivered above expectation at EUR 1600 for 13 people over four nights within five mins walk of a lift to 2700m takes some beating.
Extensive ski area across the VL.
Cheap prices in resort and on the mountain EUR13 for fresh ravioli and ragu, which was exceptionally good for example.
Short transfer from Turin Caselle (90 mins).
Borgata is quaint and small, what bars and restaurants there are we enjoyed and didn't get ripped off (far from it tbh). L'Antica Spelonca dinner for 13 with plentiful booze was EUR780. Sports bar two courses, four litres of house red and twenty odd beers was EUR18 per head (we left a massive tip). L'Teit pizzeria served pizzas at EUR 10 to 12 (very good too), Nebbiolo at EUR14 per bottle, lovely salads and meats all at good prices.
Sports bar served excellent espresso at EUR1 (see below)
Local supermarket had everything we needed for breakfasts and sold delicious loaves
Brilliantly prepared pistes even before the snow came.


Five men and one loo, with no window was eye watering - hence early morning trips to the Sports Bar.
Limited bars and restaurants in Borgata (but we knew that before we went).
Lift infrastructure stuck in 1980! Long drag lifts to summits for instance.
Getting back from Sauze has a huge bottle neck with a two man lift with (I estimate) 200 people queuing to get back. We missed it and skiied to Cesana and got a taxi which cost EUR10 and then drove the hire car back to pick my mates up who were half cut by the time I got back 90 mins later!
Winterisation for the hire car did not extend to winter tyres or any washer fluid! Unimpressed with that. Then got charged for using the snow chains!
Sestriere is a bit soul less I felt, but I've been before and knew what to expect.
The road clearing in Borgata was woeful; we had to put chains on for about 50 metres of road but worse was the fact that the way they cleared the road took away compacted snow and left sheet ice. several of us fell heavily walking up the hill in suitable outdoor shoes. This may have been bad luck with specific conditions.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Total agree about sestriere , skiing was excellent but for such a large resort the town was dead . Not somewhere I'll go for a boys trip again .. I would stay the other side of the mountain in sauze d'olex
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