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Warren Smith indoor courses - worth it?

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Sorry if it's (doubtless) been covered before.

Just got e.m. about forthcoming spring to summer courses at Chill Factore (if it's back in useable nick by then...). Not normally a great one for playing well in a group, and don't seem to benefit greatly from standard instruction, at least not immediately, but found myself in the past very helped by the WS written stuff online, particularly about body movement, and also found some of their YT vids very helpful: so wondering if they think or teach or explain or stress things in a way which might help me to progress and learn/understand more than I sometimes do when paying for assistance.
So is it worth it? They seem to have moguls courses (my experience of CF's teeny tiny tight little moguls fields is not particularly pleasant to say the least, not to mention highly embarrassing rolling eyes - though I'm not greatly unhappy on real-world outdoorsy ones) and some other kind of generalised course(s).
I'm not an advanced expert skier by any means, but not a learner to intermediate either; I knows and does what I knows and does, and don't doubt that it can be improved, a lot. So can and do they cater for mixed ability, mixed knowledge groups, especially in an indoor short-slope setting?
Cheers, all.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
@Grizzler, did a wazza moguls course a cf a couple of years ago , good way to while away a day , and some good pointers to be had , was in a mixed group of some proper wazza disciples along with a true intermediate skier with no bumps experience , think the better skiers got more out of the day than the lesser experienced skier , they probably had a better idea of what was expected of them Puzzled
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