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Snowbrainer Ski Rental Site and Hervis Ski Shop and Promo Code

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I just skied one week in St Anton (28 Jan to 03 Feb 2017) and rented my skis and poles from Hervis in St Anton, using the website. Overall I was very happy with how it all worked. The website offered a discounts from several different shops like Jennewein and Hervis. Some discounts were 10-15% but I selected the 22% discount for "gold star" skis from Hervis in St Anton (Euro 91 for skis and poles for six days - my friend got boots as well for a total of Euro130). In addition, if you do a search, you might find someone has posted the Promo Code for an additional 3% off. I didn't have it for my booking, but after making the booking, they sent me this Promo code which should be good for Feb 2017 and maybe longer: AL2X9C

At Hervis in St Anton, I just gave my name and they were very quick and friendly to set me up. (I even heard them tell another customer to book the gear on line as it's cheaper than just walking in the shop,) Later in the week, there was a ski mix-up up the hill, and I ended up with someone else's skis (totally my fault). In the end, both sets of skis got passed on to the Polizei and back to rightful owners by the next morning, whew! At Hervis, they asked me if I had bought the Snowbrainer insurance. I hadn't, so I was going to pay Euro 250 if I didn't get the skis back. The very friendly guy at Hervis told me this happens frequently so people should buy the insurance, in his opinion. Anyway, they gave me another set to ski on while I was trying to find the first set. I strongly recommend taking a photo of the skis you rent so you can recognize/identify them if you ever have a problem.

The Snowbrainer deal says you can change skis three times over a six-day rental in order to adapt to snow conditions or whatever, but at the store they said I wasn't really limited at all, as long as I didn't go crazy changing skis too frequently. The only drawback with Hervis Ski Shop in St Anton is that walking to it in ski boots, or to the lifts, is a bit of a drag. Jennewein shops are much better located near the bottom of lifts, but the discounts were lower.

I will definitely check out Snowbrainer for future ski trips - anywhere I might go. I also recommend Hervis Ski Shop in St Anton due to the excellent and friendly treatment they gave me this week.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Interesting post thanks - Hervis do definitely appear to much cheaper than the others and even more with the discount codes.

Is there any "public" ski depot (outside of the shops) in St Anton? Ischgl last year had plenty of lockable ski racks and a number of ski depots that you could hire lockers etc at. Is this the same in St Anton? If so renting from Hervis isn't so inconvenient. I've noted that the ski hire shops charge for ski depot anyway (even if you've rented from them) so might it be possible to hire Hervis skis and depot them at one of the other more convenient shops?
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Promotion code BLUERUN didn't work.
It looks a similar price to this alpinresorts
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