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If you think your skiing is getting harder just because you're getting older, then think again.

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead

Thats a massive blanket statement
But based on reliable statistics. Anecdotally my experience reflects the stats. I did resus under instruction from 999 operator till flying doctor and three ambulances arrived. And I had done the course, some years previously. It didn't work, and the statistics show it rarely does - and even professionals don't have a stunning success rate. Yes, there are some happy success stories but the odds are not great.

CPR has a reasonable success rate in some circumstances. Generally, however, CPR has a very low success rate and the burdens and risks of CPR include harmful side effects such as rib fracture and damage to internal organs; adverse clinical outcomes such as hypoxic brain damage; and other consequences for the patient such as increased physical disability. If the use of CPR is not successful in restarting the heart or breathing, and in restoring circulation, it may mean that the patient dies in an undignified and traumatic manner.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Fair enough. I'll stay positive given my (and my friends) experiences Smile Smile

It can be flipping horrible and traumatic too - having been an Ambulance First Responder, I've seen many more incidents in that side of life that did and didn't work (mostly didn't - the positives tend to be when you see the person collapse; not when you turn up 8 minutes later). Arriving on scene knowing that the patient is dead and not 'coming back' regardless of what you do but not being able to 'call it' because we were only FRs was pretty hard.

Its the experiences outside of that that keep me positive and willing to use the knowledge if and when . . .
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