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Teen's skis, where next - thinking about possible bargains this coming summer

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
The Minimums are currently on Fischer RC4's (Previously K2 Juvy's, but were advised to go back to 'conventional' - non-twin tip skis to help their technique). We have a set of 140's and 150's. I am going to be able, hopefully, to put M2 onto M1's old 150's next year, but where do teens go next with skis?

M1 will easily stand 165cm to the top of her head next year, but continues to be lightly and athletically built. She is a neat and competent skier, capable of some speed, some easy jumps off small snow mounds, no hesitation if offered the likes of a half pipe, or black run moguls, and has been enjoying off the beaten track skiing with private instructors when apparently they have tackled every thing from trees to safer off-piste deep snow. NB. M2 can also go and do what she does, but he is not quite so 'neat' and I want another year out of the 150 RC4's Toofy Grin

I am hugely tempted to put her into my old set of 160 Elan Wave Magics which haven't seen much use, but were reasonably soft flexing for an adult ski. However, I have a certain amount of disagreement with this from my ski partner and thought I'd ask what others might suggest. I guess she does need 'all mountain' skis (which the WM's aren't), but I don't think she will have the bulk and/or muscle build to yet flex an 'adult' ski. I wondered if you might have some suggestions - perhaps the resident and hugely respected SH 'pixies' might have some ideas? We have an overarching preference for something with a rail 'adjustable' binding and unisex acceptable graphics as I have the potential for hand-me-downs as I'd like them to be acceptable to both. I'd be happy for suggestions that I might look for in the sales this coming summer.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Megamum, why don't you PM Colin B (or is he still Claude B?) and ask him what he did for his daughter at a similar age, His daughter was probably similar to yours age, build, ability etc. Very Happy
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