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Reccomend me some protective gear

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
philwig, Anything I "recommend" is based in personal experience, vicarious observation and common sense . . . Let's see . . .

The knee pad that would have saved a split patella when skidding to a stop and hitting an ice ridge left by a piste bully . . . 10 years to fully recover

The armoured pants that would have prevented the broken coccyx, created when as a gymnast in a my first half-pipe, I used leg drive to initiate a twist rather than upper body wind-up . . . leaving me with a 12 foot assplant onto white concrete (pictures available)

The minor concussion that split my helmet when I was carving toeside whilst crossing the path and filming another snowhead, released the edge and relaxed too early for the heelside carve and just dug in . . . the camera landed 50m downslope and I saw a LOT of white stars that would have faded to black without a nut bucket.

I'm lucky enough to have relatively good spacial awareness and can fall repeatedly without much hassle or trauma . . . that's part of my training as a 'yoof'

Anyone in a sports learning environment from baby steps to competition coaching . . . takes every opportunity to ameliorate risk in gaining skills . . . once that skill is established then the training wheels can be dispensed with . . . until the next challenge.

The need for protection is based on real and perceived risk, personal competence, environmental factors and not being a prig in thinking I'm to good to fail . . . everyone does.
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