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Stubai Report (only 11 months late)

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I'm bored.. I like pictures of snow and I figured I'd show you all some. Sadly the high-res photos are not on this computer so you have the scaled down ones from facebook which I saved but! It's 56k friendly?

The trip was from December 29th to January 6th, we would drive off from Frankfurt and embark on our journey downwards to the Stubai Glacier. Inhabitants of the trip? 4, two skiers and two snowboarders. Drivers? 2, me and a filthy snowboarder.

We got to stubai with reports saying possible snow and finding out that there was no valley run open and all the blacks were closed... disappointing but we figured we'd make due. The valley was green... Sad

After settling in and what not we went to sleep and I can't tell you which pictures are from which days as it's too long ago Very Happy Either way.. The pictures..

One of the things that first struck me was the scenery... We did the valley run before the January dump came and it was icey but we managed to ski down as the sun was setting and I was actually in awe of it.. sadly got no photos of that.

Piste Map.

Clouds swoop the valley!

Enough of that! The snow arrived!!!

Thank f***

Alright let me get back to reporting a bit now... On the one or two days I think it was before it snowed (first days of trip) we had ventured on most of the pistes and I had done some off-piste rolling eyes

One of the things I did was the little chute you can see on the piste map to the right of the red run 2. A telemarker followed me in and it was... narrow and icey to say the least. I enjoyed my stupidity though. A friend and I had also done the Wilde Grub'N which was icey at best but the view (as said above) made it worthwhile.

Other than that we had spent most of our time in the park building up confidence or carving down the pistes. The red run 3 back to the middle station was atrocious on the bottom half and you saw large patches of ice... Even after the dumping it was still crap to ski so we tried to avoid that run as much as possible.

When the snow did come, and ooh it came. We decided to get up the mountain early and try some of the itinieries runs, we did 15, 17 and some off-piste as well.


Those two pictures were run.. 17

That shows what runs we did the day after the dump, run 17 is the one to the far right. Run 15 is the one on the far left and the "off-piste" was the one in the middle. Excuse the crap red arrows..

Run 15 was the one we (skier friend and I) enjoyed the most...

A couple people, about 4 or so, so not freshies but still! I had to persuade my friend to do it as he wasn't too optimistic seein as he couldn't see over the ledge, I assured him it was fine Very Happy Naturally I made him go first.. (he had twin-tips!) That run had at least 50cm powder and the others were about 20-30cm I reckon.

More powder..^^

And last but not least..

All in all an enjoyable trip, even though the night-life sucks. We got a dumping, had our powder days, our scares and even drunkenness. Would I go again? Sure.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Sounds great, thanks for the photos. snowHead snowHead
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Looks fantastic. I enjoyed the pics.
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