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Risoul Resort Report Feedback Thread

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
This is a feedback thread for Deliskis' resort report:

Risoul (March 2003/5)

Feel free to add, comment, or write your own report...
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
I went to Risoul/vars in March 2008. I am a competent skier - decent off piste as well. Went with gf (nervous 2nd weeker) and her friends, one a good off piste snowboarder and his GF a natural piste skier (but goes nuts when on her own!!).

LIFT SYSTEM: It was ok, but a lot of reports say that you need to catch loads of long drags. This is NOT the case now. I only done two drags but it was not essential to navigate and you could do with out. They were pretty harsh (but not as bad as la Plagne) and very long - but easily avoided. There was rarely a queue and the attendants were attentive to GF and other newbies and children, giving advice on best was down etc which i thought was nice.

TERRAIN: It is funny when people say "not for expert skiers" as i always feel that an "expert" will always find good skiing - it does not have to be dangerouse etc to be "expert" terrain. I loved Risoul very much. There was plenty of steep off piste between the trees that had me white knuckling down. The snow park was good but the main snowbard park was shut due to lack of snow and its quite low considering that is a major selling point when open. Newbies will really gain confidence on the piste. There were some really long blues to get going on, some decent wide reds and you gould go to the very top (2700) and ski all the way downon green !! I think this is a fantastic resort for families with mixed abilities. the main greens are in the centre and you would feel ok letting your kids alone on a little curcuit to gain their confidence.

I'm taking my oldest (10) and my nephew (14) as first timers in Feb 2009 as i feel that the terrain is perfect whilst giving me time to myself.

I much pereferred the Risoul side rather than the Vars side. Vars was bleak, crap snow (hadnt snowed in either for three weeks before we went and the risould side had kept it's snow well, but vars was all man made at less than 2000. The center was all a bit more.. hmmm, dare i say - council house in contrast to Risoul (dont mean to offend).

SNOW: Much better in Risoul (despite the way the web sites woud describe) Risoul web site is naf which i think would put people off whereas Vars site is much better ( and in English !!).

APRES: Not anything like rockin Austrian resorts, in fact, its pretty naf straight off the slopes. Most scurry back to their SC accommodation and then go out later. I hate that way. In fact, apres/nightlife is not what you would come here for !!

Accommodation: SARA residence. Cheap and cheerful, i like SC and this co all have DISHWASHERS !!!! YAY. Most SC's ive been in do not and this was a saviour Very Happy

COST: This is the most reasonably prices ski trip ever if doing yourself. Fly to Marseille - coach transfer (3hrs) which is best booked before (£20 return). Not a "ski" airport really so cheap flights but this serves serre chev and southern alpes. A good find.

CONCLUSION: I am going back here in 2009 because of the family aspect. I loved risoul and the extensive treeline skiing off piste at all gradients. Greens from the tops and which runs through the snowpark to enable the kids to go over little jumps and get down ok. Risoul is lovely ski area and perhaps would have visited again even without the kids. Vars - not bothered. Vars is worthless in comparrison.
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