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TR: Megeve and Evasion Mont Blanc Feb 2020

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Resort: Megeve
Country: France
Domain: Evasion Mont Blanc
Author: EarthWindandWater

Date: 9th to 12th Feb 2020
Our holiday: Long weekend without the kids
Website :

Basics : Approx 1 hr drive south of GVA, flew EasyJet from LGW and transfers organised by the accommodations

Lift system : Good quality, the resort is typically very quiet so rarely the need to queue, a couple of "tough" drag lifts up by Cote 2000, but usually 4-6 people lifts everywhere we went

The terrain : Three main areas: Rochebrune & Cote 2000 (Megeve), Mont D'Arbois (St Gervais side) and Jaillet (Combloux side). All have a mix of reds, blues and blacks; staying in Megeve, Cote 2000 felt like a long way to ski (you can get a bus...) for not a lot of runs, but there were lots of people enjoying the off piste there. Some of the runs weren't always pisted which can make for some super skiing

We hired our skis from Champfort Sports as they were near the hotel, but there are others nearer the main lifts who also do lockers. The guys at Champfort were great, and also gave us slightly "more mountain skis" as it was due to snow during our stay.

The snow : Snow wasn't as extensive as our previous trip, but certainly not lacking once up the mountain. Snow making seems to be sufficient, as long as the temps are low enough. We had about 20cms day 2 and 10cm day 3.

Off-piste : Not my bag, but others I was staying with were having a great time, it's there to be had and as the resort is quiet, stays good for a while.

The resort : The town is beautifully medieval, with quaint little streets running off the main "Church Square". There are free buses linking the ski areas, and if you download the Megeve app you can see where they are in real time. Alternatively you can take a horse and cart ride! The shops are eye-wateringly expensive, but it's a fantastic place to people watch and meander around. There is a large sports centre (the Palais de Megeve) with a balneoforme (heated indoor / outdoor pool). They were offering 50% off adults = €14.50 ea if you have your receipt for a 2+ day lift pass. There are supermarkets in town, but for best value you'd probably need a car to head down the valley a bit.

Food : Lunch on our first and last day was a galette and chips in the Petit Cintra on the church square: lovely in the sunshine. We had a tartiflette style pizza and salad in the Spaggiari on the edge of the pedestrian bit of town, and a great meat fondue in the Cafe 2 La Poste around the corner from there. On the mountain we always enjoy stopping in the Cafe de Terrasse under the Caboche lift at the end of the day (hot chocolate and rum!). In Jaillet the cafe under the Pertuis lift at the top is good for pizza and soaking up sunshine on their terrace. On the Mont d'Arbois side we were recommended the L'R Spot restaurant but it was fully booked so we ended up in the Bar Le Thelevex: lovely food and comedy grumpy frenchman!! Speaking of which we didn't have a great time at the Chamois in town, which is a shame as it looks amazing inside. Even for the French, they were beyond grumpy with us...

Accommodation : This was our second time in Megeve, bot times with the Hotel Les Cimes ( It's a great location, just a short walk from the town centre and lifts, sports centre or the bus stop. Michelle, Adam and their team are fantastic hosts, with great service and food; most of the guests have stayed before and it's like staying with a large group of friends, even if you've never met!

Costs: Relatively expensive, even for a ski resort (allegedly all the well-heeled Parisians come here for their skiing), but it doesn't have to be ridiculous, although you could easily go nuts!! I think all in it cost around £2000 for the two of us for 4 days, including flights car parking, skis and pass (no lessons), and all the food and treats!

Conclusion: Another great holiday, we will definitely be back, although possibly once my little ones are a bit older.
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Great review, thanks. This is definitely a resort of interest to us. Although we will well have kids in tow.
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
ster wrote:
...Although we will well have kids in tow.

Youre welcome, Dont get me wrong, I think the set up in all the areas is just right for kids, and the families we met had a great time. It's just my kids are a bit little to take full advantage...
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