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Get Insured Folks !!

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
@johnE, it's one thing buying £1M policy, it's quite another collecting it.
You only find out what your policy is really worth once you submit a claim and when some very clever people employed by the insurance company go over it with a very fine tooth comb. And start digging out some clauses and appendages, burried so deeply in the contract, or verbalised in such a way you never even knew they existed.*

*As you found out to your detriment when you submitted your only claim, and ended up collecting ~ £100 less than you thought you would.

You are very proud that you haven't missed a flight in 40 years (I haven't in 33) - but it counts for nothing. The only thing that matters is the next flight you catch, or the next holiday you come back from without having sustained any injuries... Or, collecting your luggage at the destination, without any damage/loss (that you would love to claim for - but the high excess doesn't make it feasible).

So yes, finally we agree on something - that's why one buys insurance - because one never knows.
That was the point of my previos post (when I remarked on how much money you had "wasted" over the past 40 years), but it went unnoticed (or was it ignored)?

Will you now tell us what this "very expensive" insurance policy is, that you purchase, so that I can climb on my high horse (like you did), multiply that amount by 33 and scoffingly tell you how much I would have spent extra over the years (when my cheap-ish policy does the some job)?

Shall I now start deriding your decision to pay "very high" insurance premum (whatever that may be), in the hope that you might one day collect a £1M, which may never happen - not least owing to defensive clauses built in?

What is it with the internet and people feeling the need to poke fun at other people's decisions?!

johnE wrote:

But you are correct you can give your money to whoever you wish

I have not "given" my money to anyone. I have purchased a service (which, incidently, paid for itself many times over).
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