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Tecnica Ski Boot Question

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi All,

I bought my first pair of Tecnica 110 Magnum ski boots beginning of last season. As usual they felt really nice in shop, ski boot fitter made some modifications etc he comes highly recommended from others who swear by him.

Sometimes the boots are perfect but usually for first 2 hours or so the outside of both feet are really painful and i need to open the latches to let my feet relax. After some readjustment etc or time i am fine for second half of day. Used thick/thin socks heated boots all the usual.

At the end of season i brought boots back and he adjusted shell where it was hurting, on first day this season i had same problem so adjusted/ loosened latches enough that not too loose but still had tension. Like this in morning i have now cold feet on outside like where i felt tension previous but not pain caused by tension as before.

Any suggestions?
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
I used to have a major issue with what felt like lack of room on the side of foot - and this despite fitted boots and custom insoles. Shell punchingnetc did not ever help in at least two sets of boots.

I also had a simlair pain almost all in the left foot when playing golf, some shoes worse than others... actually, Asics have proven to be the answer for golf...
but for skiing

the issue was not the boot... but my foot, and the 'custom' insole.
Most custom insoles it seems to me, are 'merely' moulded to support the foot, and do not CORRECT any issues with the foot. in my case, i tend to have/put a lot of pressure on the outside of the left foot and not evenly across the foot... once this was found out ( thanks to pressure plates and the fitter ) then an insole can be made to correct it and the pain goes away ( and the skiing improves also).

this is where a truly knowledgeable, ie even better if podiatrist qualifications, can fix the genuine issues , and you may not need new boots.

i'll mention the pain i got also didn't show up for the first hpur or so... but gets worse as the day wears on and the cumulative pressure problem gets worse ( and the forces on the feet are greater in skiing than walking around a golf course, so show up quicker and more painfully).

ps i see you're in switzerland - you might want to see the guys at Heierling in Davos, and they are the ones who fixed my problem - and i've transferred those insoldes to a later pair of boots and no further issues... they fit the Atomic ski team, and have pressure lates and so on.
I need to get some insoles for cycling actually... the issue comes down to the same thing, but am a bit wary of finding a good podiatrist in Bangkok with knwoledge of how to fit an insole for cycling ( never mind an insole for skiing NehNeh )
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