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 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
The Warren Smith Academy is running a number of courses at the Milton Keynes Snozone and during the summer at Saas Fee. Or you could join Easiski on the 2 Alpes glacier during July and August. How about a summer break in the mountains of the Savoie with a morning or three on the Tignes glacier? Make the most of it while they are still there!
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
In my case I think it's make the most of it while I'm still here Exclamation Cool
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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
PG-was about to post a Q about summer skiing;and you beat me to it.As you are in the area,what are the logistics on the Savoie?Just back from Valmorel(same area? I'm crap at geography!!)Fancy maybe a self drive down and combine a summer break with some skiing.Is it viable.Families usual break is 2 weeks around mid August(school hol time)I'm only back a week and missing the mountain already Crying or Very sad
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You need to Login to know who's really who.
Some points ref. France in the summer.... (yes Valmorel is just down the Tarentaise Valley from BSM)

- the busiest period (anywhere in France) is between mid-July to mid-August. This is reflected - slightly - in the cost of self-catering accommodation.

- never drive anywhere along the main motorways in France (north-south & vice versa) between Friday evening and Saturday night!

- Last summer was very poor, the glaciers lacked snow, and some believed the likes of Tignes and 2 Alpes should have closed early. That said some late snow got them through to the end of August.

- Tignes has had snow cannons installed on a couple of glacier pistes so this should help things.

- there are often queues for the glacier first thing (at both) as the club/national teams are all there. A trick is to take a private lesson for the first hour or two - this gets you past all the teams, much to their disgust, at the busiest time.

- Tignes itself is not ideal for a summer break - comparatively there's more to do in 2 Alpes.

- If you stay down in the valley in the likes of Bourg Saint Maurice there's loads to do, it's a big summer destination, plus there's a lot of activities at Arc 1800 .... but then you have to bear in mind that the glaciers open from 7.30ish to just after lunch, and you have a 30 min drive to Tignes. To compensate there's a lot going on, although most of the festivals/events are late July rather than August (World canoeing/kayak championship finals at BSM, music/arts festivals). Around July 23rd you've got the Tour de France arriving in Alpe d'Huez opp. 2 Alpes.

- and in passing!... if anyone fancies a holiday in Provence, not far from Avignon... I've got a house, with pool, available most of the summer, Sleeps up to 15 people... see L'Eau Salée - Malaucène. However chances of snow on the Mont Ventoux are a little slim - unless the Gulf Stream stops flowing before then...
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