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Location: snowHeadLand
Resort: St Gallenkirch
Country: Austria
Domain: Silvretta Nova - Montafon. You can ski Hochjoch and Golm too on the same pass.
Author: fatirishman
Date: March 2008
Our holiday: Advanced intermediate to advanced group of skiiers. Party size of 20 + 6 kiddies under 7. We're all mid 30's to early 40's (well one of us is over 40)
Website :
Basics : It's the Montafon region of the Vorarlberg. Not a Brit in sight, and it was great. You can reach it via Friedrichshafen and a bus, or train to Bludenz.
Lift system : Mostly chairs, three drags and one gondola. I only queued once all week, and that was because we stupidly skiied to the gondola middle station early morning and caught the traffic coming up the mountain. The lift system has been heavily modernised of late and all the old drags are dissapearing.
The terrain : 127 km of piste, well laid out suitable for all levels. We let the kids cruise some really easy blue stuff, and even the red around Brunella Wirt was easy for them. There is nothing too black on the runs though, and even their statutory black was a dark shade of red. Off piste this place is the dog's bits.... I'd a cracking time in fresh snow, powder up to my armpits, I just luvvved it!
The snow : Late March and I was thinking, this could be dodgy.... but it snowed and even though the resort closes this week there is enough to ski there for another month. We'd powder galore.....
Off-piste : Party on - plenty of it though heavily used. Fresh tracks got hard to make by the end of the week.
The resort : The village has no character, no soul, no nightlife worth taling about. Apres is OK, and takes place mainly at the Bella Nova or for a more subdued affair at Brunellla Wirt. Remember you still have to ski down the mountain for both of them..... Ski schools for kiddies, better to use the on on the mountain as you can ski past the little dears and check their smiling faces. The standard there has improved dramatically in the last four years. The mounbtain school by Nova Stoba was better, but it meant you had to eat there if you wanted to have lunch with them.
Food : Bella Nova decent Italian stuff at reasonable prices. Zur Brezn - Bavarian specialities???? Weisswurst und Weissbier! Nova Stoba was a bit rubbish, take away pre prepared fodder but fast.
Accommodation : Stayed in self catering Daerfli forget about it if you haven't got a car. If you have it's cracking, clean, friendly, loads of space and Martina who runs it is a wee cracker.
Costs: Cheap (130Euros a lift pass, Beer 3.5 Euros, Lunch 10 Euros, Hot chocolate and Rum 3.8 Euros ... off the slope 25% cheaper.)
Conclusion: I shouldn't be writing this report, don't go there ever.... leave it to me. I love this resort and although it's in many ways not ideal I adore it. There is little to no nightlife, the pistes can be too flat at times, and the infra structure to get there needs improved... however it's super for families, it's great for mixed abilites, it's cheap, it's got cracking off piste, and it's not over crowded. I'm going back, definately. Go here if you're going skiing, don't go here to party.

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