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Resort: Haus, well actually Aich, erm where? A lovely village near by. We skied in Schladming region and Salzbuger Sportwelt covering these areas
Hauser Kaibling

Country: Austria
Domain: Schladming & Salzburger Sportwelt = Ski Amade
Author: Hobbiteater
Date: 23rd February 08 to 1st March 08
Our holiday: Used Haus (Aich) to explore the eastern Ski Amade. We skied a different area each day, going back to Zauchensee on the last day as the only time we doubled up. We liked it but it’s the highest and snow/rain was forecast – and arrived so we stayed high to stay in the snow. In hindsight and although we enjoyed the hotel in Haus being at the far end of a region is not ideal for exploring an area in this way. That said the roads were good and the longest “commute” was 30mins. Radstadt or Altenmarkt would be better located.
Website : – flangesax was helpful to me in the above thread so here’s a plug
Basics : Middle of Austria. Flew FlyBe from Southampton to Salzburg and picked up a hire car from Holidayautos. Took 10mins to get out of taxi, check in and go through security and get a bacon buttie. Flight back was delayed by weather and a freak occurrence to the plane coming to get us (it suffered a broken windscreen caused by the 80mph storm that apparently prevented them from opening the doors for 90min after they landed – having diverted to Linz where the weather was better than Salzburg!!!) but it was <10mins from the plane’s landing at Southampton to us having our luggage and being out of the airport.
Lift system : Schladming was fast and excellent. The other had a few slow lifts but mainly fast chairs. BUT we queued for about an hour to get up the Grafenbergbahn 6 seat 1980’s gondola out of Wagrian. Strangely Confused on the same area they have just put in a new 8 seat gondola out of an area not linked to the valley and served by 2 runs… I guess the Grafenbergbahn is due for replacement (I hope!!!)
The terrain : Most pistes were, thankfully, south facing and through the trees. In the Salzburger resorts they tended to open out into lightly wooded bowls at the top. Mainly reds but I didn’t think they were too challenging. The Blacks were fine too. At least the ones we went on.
The snow : Spring snow - lots of it though. Very well maintained in all resorts.
Off-piste : As an on-pister and with spring snow not qualified to comment but Zauchensee in particular looked to have lots of lift served potential.
The resort : Aich - village? No a hamlet. Lovely.
Food : 4 course evening meal as part of the hotels "Pauschalen" package. Excellent. It’s Austria so mountain food was excellent except for the Koglalm above Wagrain which had poor food and gave us change in Romanian Rubbles, when we complained the proprietor laughed, routed around in his change pot and tried to pass off some Slovakian Barts to us… Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Accommodation : Graffenwirt in Aich. Lovely hotel in a small hamlet with big rooms, a shower with scary attachments, great food, Schladminger beer von fass.
Costs: "Pauschalen" package at hotel gave 7 nights halfboard, Ski Amade lift pass, Sleigh ride for €572pp. Flight £150pp, Car £125 for 2, Petrol €40 for 2
Conclusion: Great holiday – loved the area and exploring it. Great flights through Southampton with FlyBe.

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