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Location: snowHeadLand
Resort: Zermatt
Country: Switzerland
Domain: none but 3 seperate mountain areas in Zematt and you can ski into Cervinia in Italy
Author: Lynseyf
Date: 29/12/07 - 05/01/08
Our holiday: This is my 7th week on snow in 4 years, Boyfriend a bit more experienced and a lot more confident
Website :
booked apartment at
Basics : Travelled with easyjet from Edinburgh to Geneva then used Swiss transfer ticket for return journey by train to Zermatt, all very easy to book online.
Lift system : excellent, lots of lifts. I am not fazed by t-bars or pomas but only used 1 t-bar once all week. No real queues either despite this being new year
The terrain : Quite spread out between all the mountains and it can be a bit complicated to work out how to get where you want to go, we also got stuck poling along a couple of flat bits which were down as reds on the map, don't know if we were going up them or what but couldn't ski??
My favourite bit was the reds from the Matterhorn area down to Furg, the reds on the glacier were nice as well but the long blue at the bottom of the glacier was the flattest thing I have ever skied.
I would agree it is not for beginers and the grading system is nonsense the blue on KM is sooo flat while the one at Sunnegga is steeper than some of the reds.
I skied most of the reds and blues and some were pretty steep in places but they are generally very wide so I was never in over my head. The worst runs were the ones down to the village which got icy by the end of the day and were usually very busy. My favourite bit was probably KM and it seemed to have the best snow when we were there
The snow : good at the start, then icy for 3 days then good for the last 3 although this meant the matterhorn area was shut due to high winds Sad
Off-piste : NA
The resort : The Village was lovely, lots of expensive shops selling lacroix skis for £3k and Prada jackets NehNeh , on a more practical note there is a very good supermarket, Migros if your budget is more Primark than Prada
Food : We ate in our partment every night. We were initially going to go out some nights and eat in the rest but we skied so much during the day that we were quite happy to stay in every night. On the mountain we ate at the restaurant at Furg, 2 at Furi, the self service at Riffleberg and twice over at Sunnegga, one of them was called the Paradies (sp) and can't remember the name of the other. Don't think we quite did the cuisine justice as I would find it impossible to ski after a huge lunch with wine etc. so we mainly had a couple of hot chocs and rum and some soup through out the day and it was all very nice.
Accommodation : The apartment was really nice and in an excellent position, approx. 300m from the KM lift and we could ski to about 50m from it on the way home
Costs: Apartment was just under £400 for the week, ski pass was just under £200 for 7 days including 1 day in Italy. We spent about £250 each for the week which was living quite frugally, lunch out most days of soup, couple of drinks and dinner in the apartment.
Conclusion: This is the first "proper" alpine ski holiday I have been on having been to Bulgaria, Slovenia and Slovakia in the past ( and Scotland). The lift system here was far superior to anything I had seen before and there was a lot more piste and they were generally longer than in the resorts I have been to. The village was beautiful and the views were amazing and it was a lovely holiday experience. However I got a bit fed up looking at my piste map all the time trying to work out where I was and the lifts close ridiculously early, 3.30pm for some of them!!!! I was prepared for spending more than on previous holiday but NOTHING was cheap. I would compare the prices to Edinburgh or probably any big UK city but most UK cities have cheaper options, BYOB restaurants etc, I didn't see anything like that in Zermatt. I would go back, there was so much skiing and the pistes were lovely, but I think it would be far harder to keep costs down in a big group. I will also go back to Jasna in Slovakia tho Smile

Resort Report Feedback Thread for Zermatt

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