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Location: snowHeadLand
Resort: Jasna
Country: Slovakia
Domain: none
Author: Lynseyf

Date: March 2007
Our holiday: 2 Boarders, 5 skiers, 1 beginer, 1 hadn't been for a while
Website :
Basics : Travelled with SkyEurope from stanstead to poprad then arranged minibus pickup from there to jasna which was about 40 mins drive away
Lift system : 1 excellent covered 6 man chair, couple of 4 seaters, couple of 2 seaters and some drags, don't have to use the drags if you don't want to.
The terrain : The skiing is spread over 2 sides of a mountain with most of it on the north side. There is 3 main centres on the north side, we stayed at Zahradky and mostly skied around there as well as the long blue and red there were really nice. there is a lift linking the north and south side but it was never working when we were there.
The snow : nice when we arrived then it snowed the next day snowHead which made it nice for the next week. it then started to get a bit icy in the morning, slushy in the afternoon before snowing buckets just as we were going home so we got 2 amazing powder days just before w e left Smile
Off-piste : Off piste is one of the main attractions of this area. The whole top of both sides of the mountain is unpisted and shown as a freeride area on the piste map. This is nice for less experienced skiers as it is lift served and still in bounds. we never did any more than that but there are some excellent videos somewhere online of people doing "proper" off piste and they were running avalanche awareness/off piste courses when we were there.
The resort : we were right next to the piste and never ventured into the nearest town ( Demanovska Dolina). There a few hotels and restaurents next to each main ski area and these were enough for us. The 4* hotel Grand was very nice and had a gorgeous spa which you could use and a posher restaurent and cocktail bar.
Food : excellent Smile we loved the Chata Zahradky, it cost about £2 for really nice pasta, £4-6 for steak etc and 50p for the very good soup. on piste hot chocolate and rum was about £2 for a HUGE measure of rum. There was a really nicxe barbecue at Otupne
Accommodation : Right on piste which was great. it cost £655 per week for 2 apartments, one which was a studio which slept 2 and the other was a 1 bed apartment with a double and single in the main room, it worked out at about £100 each per week.
Costs: very cheap. We got our lift pass in advance with a special offer online for £80 for any 10 days per season. 2 weeks equipemnt hire was £80, private 1 to 1 lessons were £12 per hour
Conclusion: Would definately go back. I found it enough to ski for 2 weeks but people who don't like skiing the same piste twice would be bored after a couple of days. Excellent for beginers as there is a 3km blue which is fairly easy so you quickly progress up the mountain and don't feel you are stuck on the baby slopes. All the slopes are easy to link up and our group skied together quite a lot despite the difference in abilities, the more experienced skiers/boarders made there own runs through the trees

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