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Location: snowHeadLand
Resort: Rogla
Country: Slovenia
Domain: None
Author: Lynseyf
Date: 1st week in february 2006
Our holiday: 11 adults, 1 child. 3 good skiers, ie. will try anything, 1 2nd week skier, 3 beginer skiers, 4 beginer snowboarders
Website :
Basics : Flew from scotland to london, london to ljubliana, minibus trasfer to resort arranged through chalet hire
Lift system : 2 4 man chairlift, rest are pomas
The terrain : Pistes were quite short but this wasn't a problem as the queues were non existent so you skied right onto the lift then straight back up to the top. Not great for complete beginers as the blues have some steep bits in them but all our group could do them by the end of the week. The better skiers didn't get bored despite the limited number of runs, again because there were absolutely no queues so they could ski constantly.
The snow : not much fresh but good base layer so no dirty patches or rocks showing at all.
Off-piste : didn't really go
The resort : village down in the valley didn't seem to be worth the visit. Our chalet was about a 40min walk from the resort but there was a regular ski bus which we got up every morning. We stayed in the resort for dinner most nights, showering in the swimming pool or having a massage (about £15 for 1 hr), you could then get a late bus back to our chalet.
Food : Everywhere was excellent. The little local style bar in the hotel was especially good, on the first night we ate there I had a beautiful steak dinner and a bottle of wine for under £10. The local specialities were the best options, as long as you liked meat, venison goulash and squid stuffed with ham and cheeses were especially memorable Smile
Accommodation : chalet was good value for money, £60 each for the week, The lower level of the chalet had a bit damp in the bedrooms and the showers were rubbish but we never complained about any of this so not really fair to start now!
Costs: Flights, £80 return from scotland via easyjet, chalet £60 each per week for 12 of us in a 5 bed chalet, lift pass £70, ski hire and individual lessons about another £100 for the week ( private lessons were about £10 per hour for 1 person, less the more of you there were in each group, everyone thought their lessons were excellent) spent about £100 on food and drink for chalet, lunch and dinner out every night, lots of hot chocolates and rum on the slope, massage, use of the swimming pool, ski bus and everything else.
Conclusion: excellent value for money for those looking for something a bit different. I liked the fact that no one bar the instructers and 1 guy in 1 cafe spoke english, other people might not. Absolutely no british peeple, we were told by the 1 english speaking guy that we were becoming a tourist attraction and everyone was coming to see the happy scottish people Smile Guys in Hire shop very unfriendly and unhelpful at the start of week but like our best friends by the end of the week? Maybe just not used to tourists??? Lessons were excellent, instructors really friendly and helpful and really pushed you to improve. There is only 2 million slovenians and apparently 1 million of them ski so they have all been doing it from a really young age, prepared to be embaressed by kids that can't even talk properly skiing down runs better than you!

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