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Location: snowHeadLand
Resort: Haute Nendaz
Country: Switzerland
Domain: 4 Vallees – but what you hear is correct. The 4 Vallees is not a ‘seamless’ link - although Nendaz is best placed of all the stations
Author: E Evans.

Date: 18 Dec 2005- Jan 2 2006
Our holiday: Firstly , we are now buying there although this trip was 2 families travelling independently ( plus my daughter flying over from USA) staying in an uncatered chalet. All adults Beginner-Intermediate with 15 YO and 4 YO skiing for 1st time.
Website : My Nendaz pics.
Basics : Nendaz is in the Valais region of Switzerland. Sion is the closest airport (only 18 km when open) although Geneva is a short and easy drive away. I did the trip resort to Geneva airport easily under 90 minutes on a number of occasions. Access is very easy from the autoroute – and the roads to the station well maintained as there are a number of communities on the road ‘up’ from the autoroute. VERY easy as ski station access goes.
The station has two main access points . Tracouet is accessed via a Telecabine while Siviez ( aka Super Nendaz) is serviced by a free 10 – minute shuttle ride from the main telecabine. The benefit of the latter is that Siviez is a fast access point to Mont Fort, Verbier and the 4 Vallees extensive off piste ( which is closer to Nendaz than Verbier).
Lift system : Much of the system is under a phased replacement program ( and about time too). The resort does however have few queues although in Xmas week the nursery slopes were busy.
The terrain : Frankly, if you are looking for French-style interlinking piste/infrastructure then Nendaz is not it. Until you know your way around it is quite easy to end up having to make dreary short walks between installations. Allegedly this is due to commitments made to a strong ‘Green’ lobby. Howver the pistes themsleves tend to be longer and very interesting. Personal favourite is the circuit to Siviez from Tracouet and the simple run back to the village. 'The National' has a 'fun' entry in Fresh snow.
The snow : Perfect. The only downside that towards the middle of the second week there were a number of bare-ish patches on some of the higher more exposed pistes.
Off-piste : I don’t do it but you only have to look around you to see that the opportunities are endless. As soon as you are in Tracouet or Siviez you can quickly access vast swathes of powder-type territory.
The resort : I like the village. It has everything you need as a skier and has a thriving community and loads of things to do. A large open-air skating rink (ice hockey team), extensive restaurant and shopping facilities. This is NOT however Verbier and ‘local produce’ i.e. Weil watches, Mont Blanc pens and the like are noticeable by their absence. The resort is primarily apartments and chalets with only 3 hotels. Recent growth has been very –focused on chalet construction. Access to Siviez and the Tracouet telecabine is by shuttle bus if you are very far away, although frankly you can walk anywhere in the town in five minutes.
Food : Didn’t have a bad meal there although do try and eat at the ‘off-beat’ locations in the mountains. Tracouet and Siviez themselves are formulaic and over-run with German , Dutch and Brit picknickers. In town you are spoiled for choice. Le Grenier, Le Deserteur and The Italian (name??) restaurant all worth a vist. PMU is my favourite bar while Chin-Chin is a ‘classy’ piano bar ( for old fogies!!)
Accommodation : We stayed in a chalet booked via the tourist office website. Great value for money and a superb and clean location. We arranged early am deliveries of fresh produce ( Milk, croissants etc.) , the local butcher did hot roasts and Xmas dinner - delivered each evening to the chalet. AMAZING local service and not pricey.
Costs: Apartment rental 1/3 of Verbier. Food and general living similar to any ski resort. Ski passes a little more pricey than France.
Conclusion: I liked it. Very much a launch pad for real skiers as opposed to posers. The resort attempts to appeal strongly to families and the infrastructure recognizes this but note the shortcomings above.

Haute Nendaz Feedback Thread

Hoping to Return to the EU for the good of us all

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