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Location: snowHeadLand
Resort: Tignes les Boisses
Country: France
Domain: Espace Killy
Author: Richmond
Date: 12-16.04.09
Our holiday: The daughter (15yo) and me on a sneaky extra ski trip.
Website :
Basics : You know where it is. We flew LHR to GVA, TO transfer to resort.
Lift system : Les Boisses connects in to main Tignes area by a slowish chair (or ski down to les Brevieres and a bubble) and then a long chair up to Aiguille Percee.
The terrain : Well known to one and all, I imagine. Huge area, two glaciers, something for everyone. Grading notoriously unhelpful, must give beginners some nasty moments.
The snow : Everything from cast iron to slush, including some fresh snow.
Off-piste : Not my thing, but plenty of it, although conditions were not good.
The resort : Les Boisses is tiny, nothing going on, if you want nightlife go elsewhere.
Food : Predictably expensive, eateries in towns seemed cheaper than up the mountain, and it's very easy to eat in, say, Val Claret. Les Bervieres has a few decent (and slightly cheaper) lunch spots if you want a proper lunch.
Accommodation : We stayed in Mountain Sun's chalet hotel Les Melezes. It's in the upper part of les Boisses, ski from about 50m away, ski to just across the road. The hotel is a bit shabby, rooms small, not all with private bath, but the cost reflects this, and any shortcomings are more than made up for by the cosiness and the friendly staff (who may also be cozy for all I know). The staff are brits/colonials, all obviously there to ski/board, but they seemed to be well aware of their obligations to guests, and were unfailingly helpful and pleasant; they make the difference betweenit being an Ok place to stay and a really enjoyable one. Kit hire is available on site. The bar is reasonably priced by the standards of the area. The food is plain, but perfectly wholesome, good ingredients and generous portions. Tea and coffee available 24/7, afternoon tea, a cooked brekkie dish and of course dinner. Wine is thrown in, generous quantities and reasonable quality, and you're encouraged to take the carafes with you when you leave the table. There's wifi, a PC and a TV (away from the bar) a hot tub (although why people want to lie around in hot, stale urine I don't know) and a terrace. Great if you're on a budget. I'm not sure I'd want to go there for my only week's skiing, mainly because I like to enjoy the local grub and I'd like to be near another bar or two, just for a change, but brilliant if you're on a tight budget or for a sneaky extra hol.
Costs: We had a late season deal, 4 nights db&B (actually 3 nights db&b, 1 night b&b) for £199 including transfer + a few quid for a private shower/bog, which has to be a good deal. Flights were BA air miles, so a cheapo cheapo hol, although we had a couple of decent lunches which weren't cheap..
Conclusion: Not much to say about the skiing, you know all about it already. I'm not a particular mega ski area fan, but they have their advantages. I'd recommend the accomodation if you don't want to break the bank.

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