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Location: snowHeadLand
Resort: Wengen

Country: Switzerland

Domain: Jungfrau Region, Bernese Oberland

Author: D G Orf

Date: 30/01/05-15/02/05

My holiday: This must have been the 32nd year [I've visited Wengen, the vast majority of those times being in the winter.

Website : and as well as my own humble effort at

Basics : Wengen is a small village, with less than 1200 locals, the population swells to arround 5,000 at peak times due to tourism most of whom stay in hotels, it is situated on a sunny south facing plateau about 1,500 ft above the Lauterbrunnen valley floor with fantastic views all arround. This year I took the train there all the way from the UK, whilst travelling by train is great from the time you board the Eurostar onwards the one downside of the route is that with the current timetable you have to change trains at Basle station at 04.50, not a good time to have to get up, everyone even those coming to the resort by car has to get to Wengen using the Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg train as there are no roads to Wengen

Lift system : The lift system integrates trains, cable cars, gondolas, chairlifts and t-bars to cover some 200+ km of pistes, whilst many of the lifts have in recent years been replaced there are still a number of fairly old lifts that really could do with being updated

The terrain : Because of the allignment of the ridges the vast majority of the slopes face either North (Murren and Mannlichen) or South (Wengen and First), certain areas do get very popular in particular the top pistes between the Mannlichen Chairlift and the Lager Chairlift plus those on the Lauberhorn, they can be absolutely packed on a busy weekend, however there are always areas of piste where you will see hardly anyone arround, the Tschuggen run to Grund or the Blue run from Kleine Scheidegg to Grund via Brandegg are both quiet runs often with good snow

Off-piste : Being rather heavy I don't do much off piste myself but a number of friends commented on the very nice conditions they found

The resort : The village of Wengen is very pretty and as long as the clouds are absent, tends to be very bright being on a South facing terrase, although there are several bars and a cinema (english movies frequently on), plus an ice rink, apres ski and nightlife in particular is somewhat limited, Sinas Pub and Chilis being a couple of the better locations.

Food : In the resort the hotels Eiger, Brunner, Alpenrose (set menu) and Hirschen all do very good food but the same could be said for of the hotels there, up the mountain the Mannlichen restaurant and the Brandegg restaurant (apple fritters a speciality) are both very good, the restarant at Allmend is a good stop at the end of the day

Accommodation : I stayed in the Alpenrose Hotel, this is the oldest hotel in the resort though you'd not know it if you'd stayed there and has been owned by the same family since it was first opened over 100 years ago, they really know how to treat their guests and are very friendly, the food (something I really enjoy) is superb although there is a set menu it changes each day and with the exception of Thursday night when a buffet is provided, is a five course meal. Whilst they will cope with vegitarian diets or xxx intolerant diets, you would be well advised to let them know in plenty of time so they can order in any special ingeedients

Costs: Whilst Switzerland is commonly regarded as expensive I find the prices in the region to be comparable to those found locally to me in the UK, mind you I do live on the edge of the New Forest so prices hear are not cheap

Conclusion: Another fantastic holiday for me Little Angel

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