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Poster: A snowHead
Thu 27-09-18 19:33
Replies: 15
I'd recommend Alpe-d-Huez. Went this year early March conditions were great. I'd read that it can get quite slushy around resort level (1800) by end of March but i think thats pretty much like anywhere. Not many tree runs but views quite good especially at summit. Massive begginer area from about 2100 down to resort level and some challenging reds and blacks. Prices probably similar to Les Arcs.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Fri 10-08-18 18:23
Replies: 70
Kind of hijacking this thread, but since the OP has chosen Hinterglemm, thought I'd add that I'll be travelling to Fieberbrunn next February (1st week before the school hols). Thank you @tatmanstours for sending your info through few weeks back. Chosen Fieberbrunn in the end due to cheaper accom option in a Pension and it has supposedly great freeriding, just hoping for some powder that week! Also direct train from Salzburg to the town looks like a good value option. Does anybody know of decent apres in Fieberbrunn , I know its the quiet part of Ski circus, but are there any recommendations? On the mountain also? I know there are plenty on Saalbach side of resort but think there would only be enough time for one beer before the link to Fieberbrunn closed. :lol:
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Fri 27-07-18 20:58
Replies: 49
I've not taken a train to resort before, how are they for taking snowboard bags onboard?
You need to Login to know who's who.
Fri 27-07-18 20:56
Replies: 49
This is what I see on oebb website for early December, train fares wouldn't rise for February surely? My Basket SAT, 1. DEC 2018 12:18 15:01 Zürich Flughafen St.Anton am Arlberg Bahnhof Who is going? 1 × adult One-way journey € 22,00 Price valid for 6 minutes. SAT, 8. DEC 2018 12:57 15:42 St.Anton am Arlberg Bahnhof Zürich Flughafen Who is going? 1 × adult One-way journey € 29,00 Price valid for 9 minutes. Total amount € 51,00
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Fri 27-07-18 20:22
Replies: 49
The accommodation is pp split between 2. @under a new name, yes i know, maybe i'm wrong, but if you go on and select zurich airport to st. Anton for last week of november those are the prices(cant search past this point currently). Would prices increase in winter months?
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Fri 27-07-18 19:51
Replies: 49
Also should add, I was looking at the wrong weeks for best value. 1st week of feb looks better
Well, it's only polite to Register
Fri 27-07-18 19:29
Replies: 49
@Whitegold, My question wasn't deluded, just trying to find value for money for what we want to do. And guess what St. Anton seems to be cheapest so far, which seems really odd. Firstly i was looking for air bnb accommodation as I used it last year and assumed it would be cheapest way. Turns out accommodation on tourist website is way cheaper :~/. How does this sound... Self catered acc £225 7nights (one downside 10 min walk into town, if that's what it takes :D) Skipass £260 Love the direct train seems as though it would cost around £40 return from zurich (this sound correct)? Flight with BA for £125 inc snowboard bag So around 650 not bad... @Mike Pow, tiny wet flakes :~/ @Tom Doc, haven't been austria before so looking most likely for this trip. But would definitely consider this season after and especially travelling alone instead a ucpa @T Bar, you were right about tourist acc, cheers does vary a lot as you say
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Wed 25-07-18 21:24
Replies: 49
Thank you for all the replies, they help a lot. @spyderjon, That's really cool, would definitely consider something like that with a bit more experience. @tatmanstours, I've sent you a pm with address , would like the info you have thank you very much. @NickyJ, Didn't know you snowheads organised these sort of things, would gressoney be the base next season too?
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Wed 25-07-18 16:16
Replies: 49
Wow, so many replies already. Haven't got chance atm will look through properly later. @under a new name . Yes suppose it would be instruction :) Fairly new to snowboarding let alone off piste (and yes preferably powder haha)
And post your own questions...
Wed 25-07-18 14:37
Replies: 49
Hi, wondering if you :sH: can help me... I've been recently looking for a resort for next February (prob end of feb/march) but can't decide on which to go for. Problem has been looking on the net and getting conflicting info on resorts I've looked at. Only two of us going next year and trying to find cheap accommodation is difficult (air bnb seems best), we are intermediates with limited off piste exp so that will be the focus this time round, went ADH last year and did a bit so now we're hooked! Only going once next season so need to get it right :lol: Wish list: Good sized resort 100km + pistes Really good off piste (will probably use guide on a couple of days for some proper freeriding) Not France (been 3 times in a row) Decent apres Not too pricey (Most big austrian or swiss resorts can be written off I think) Liked the look of laax but couldn't get cheap accommodation :( Looked at Livigno (seems a bit out of the way and needs a hire car really, accommodation expensive!!!) Saalbach (connected to fieberbrunn which sounds epic but concerned about snowsure , anyone had experience that time of year?) Champoluc Monterosa (can't find much info, anyone been? whats the town like?) Look forward to your suggestions , Cheers
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Wed 16-08-17 13:45
Replies: 2
Hi, new snowhead here! Looking for snowheads who have had experience with UCPA. What did you think of the quialty of instruction? I've read varying reports about it, but hoping to improve quite a bit. The only instruction I've had are beginner lessons at a snowdome, this was before gpoing to a serre che earlier this year. Assuming they would put me in 'Improver' group? Going 6th Jan Les Arcs full week instruction, have my fingers crossed for good conditions!! :sH:
And they're a friendly bunch.
Wed 16-08-17 12:23
Replies: 9
New snowhead here! Booked UCPA Les Arcs 6th Jan full time instruction. Anyone had experience with this centre before?
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