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Poster: A snowHead
Sun 19-04-20 21:02
Replies: 51
My Creblet jacket turned up yesterday (XL) fit is spot on for me, having read some of the above posts i was getting ready to return it before it had even been delivered! i wonder if there's a variation between different models? My stats are 176 cm tall 80kg and about 45" chest fairly athletic build, arm length is fine i wouldn't fit in a large ! :lol: and the build quality looks very good might just be a while before i get to try it out though!
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Sun 16-02-20 16:12
Replies: 29
@EdYarker Just to add my thoughts on the above my boys (twins as well!) learned to ski in Rauris a quiet village for sure but safe to, As others have said a bit out of the way but that suited us, good nursery slopes and areas to progress to ,Accomadation wise we stayed at the Hotel Rausherhof in Rauris (really nice hotel, great family who own it to) guess i may be a bit bias but i'd go back again :D Thing is as well one of the boys came to the 16th BB the other week with me,while sitting having a beer together we did mention Rauris where did that time go? :shock:
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Fri 24-01-20 16:33
Replies: 3145
@Brothergrimm +1 :) Oh and thanks very much @nozawaonsen for all the effort you put in on this thread i find it very interesting and helpful even though i only understand some of it :lol: Love those old photos you post on here as well though not always sure about some of those outfits! :-D
You need to Login to know who's who.
Tue 22-10-19 12:54
Replies: 41
@ratinksonuk,I would echo @Rcav suggestion the two blue runs at the Porta Vescovo are very flat and wide plus some great views so maybe good for a bit of confidence building. The Corvara/Colfosco area would be good to but again as others have said a few steeper pitches here and there on the way, Also the Pralongia area some nice cruising blues with fantastic scenery. I'm doing the BB with my oldest son(only by 30 sec mind!) who hasn't been for a while so he'll be taking it fairly steady for the first few days :-D i hope! So your more than welcome to join us if want, Were on the same flight as you i think anyway so come and say hello if you see us at the airport.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Mon 31-12-18 23:06
Replies: 5
@KatherineHB, As what @TQA, @albob, @Hurtle, said i'm getting the 13.00 transfer cost is 52 Eur return.
You'll need to Register first.
Fri 21-12-18 1:26
Replies: 10
I'm not that expert either but my new boots are 130 flex and i'm 175cm and about 83kg i know they'll be fine for me as i got mine from (cem) you don't get to choose colin just says this is what you need end of!! with your stats they do seem a bit on the soft side .
Well, it's only polite to Register
Thu 1-11-18 14:53
Replies: 8
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Tue 23-10-18 14:50
Replies: 29
I'm in a similar situation my car is a d4 discovery i've run vredestein quatrac 5 for a while now and found them to be excellent, Not a full winter tyre like the ones clarky999 mentions (which are brilliant in snow) They have more of a road bias but do carry the snowflake/mountain marking so ok in Austria & Germany as well.
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Tue 27-03-18 21:35
Replies: 16
:D 'management friendly' price label on the box, Another one is to take delivery, slip it into the loft, and then happily take 'oh this old thing that's been in the loft for years' out in front of management. Glad it's not just me that tries this one on then!!
And post your own questions...
Wed 13-12-17 0:01
Replies: 45
@ski3 yes that's that's what i used to think and @kajaski welcome to snowheads.
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Tue 5-12-17 11:44
Replies: 17
Hi biddpyat i've just got the OH a kabin boot bag for crimbo like you said not cheap but a very good bag the handle extends to a good length as well so you can walk comfortably with it .
And they're a friendly bunch.
Thu 9-02-17 20:27
Replies: 116
currently running vredestein quatrac 5 on my disco had wintrac extremes on before, did 23k on them used all year round both very impressive tyre's although the quatrac is more of an all season tyre but still carries the snowflake/mountain logo.
You know it makes sense.
Sun 4-12-16 2:58
Replies: 23
couldn't have put it better my self all I got was 'king snooker!
Otherwise you'll just go on seeing the one name:
Mon 28-12-15 23:47
Replies: 9
Hi been to Rauris twice stayed both times at the rauriserhof hotel which is brilliant, great food and the owners are really lovely people the resort whilst not having miles of piste is really nice( my sons learnt to ski there) its very quiet but a very traditional town with very friendly people,worth a punt I'd say.
Poster: A snowHead
Tue 23-12-14 16:02
Replies: 38
Got mine this morning thanks admin. Some really great photos on there.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Mon 29-09-14 20:52
Replies: 564
Borris, I think i've got the same vehicle as you a D4 LR? I run vredestein wintrac 4 xtreme's all year round, I have used them in some quite nasty conditions and never had any problems. my experience of them is they wear really well, dry handling very good, wet weather excellent, snow ice etc as good as it gets and they are very quiet in normal driving conditions. Fuel consumption the same as before.(click on tyres have these @ 165 at the moment I think). As far as using winter tyres, its a personal choice I suppose. But from my own experience driving from the Hook to Munich on our first family diy ski trip; It was cold and sunny to Munich, got up the next morning bloody blizzard all the way to resort (Rauris if you're interested!) me i'm never driving in those conditions again without the proper tyres! fast foward a few years, we went just before Christmas on a last minute one (val cenis) absolutly dumped down didn't even give it a second thought driving around. I do have chains as well but they're still unused at the moment! Oh well, thats my first post done at last. :D
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