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Poster: A snowHead
Sun 12-01-20 13:34
Replies: 10
The thermal baths are in Le Fayet. You can get a local Sat bus. Timetable at I don't think there is much else in le Fayet. In the main town of St.Gervais there is a swimming pool and Ice rink.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Fri 20-12-19 18:20
Replies: 63
@halfhand Have a look at and the timetables for L82,L83 and L84. As Jonny996 says get Mont arbois gondola then ski down to le Bettex where you can get the gondola down (or ski down if home run is open but it is a bit of a nasty red). The bus stop you need is Saint Gervais Telepherique on Av.Mont Arbois on the road next to the gondola. Get off at Les Contamines Le Lay. You will need to study the timetables to decide how long to stay there.
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Fri 29-11-19 20:09
Replies: 16
I have stayed in Baqueira with Ski Miquel in a chalet hotel with flights and transfers included and would recommend highly. The same holiday I had lessons from a lovely lady from Ski Inspired.
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Sun 22-09-19 14:56
Replies: 10
The Tramway de Mont Blanc starts in Le Fayet and will take you up to Les Houches but would probably be expensive to do more than once. It is on a different lift pass to St. Gervais. For St. Gervais you can get a local 'SAT' bus up to the main lift station from Le Fayet which also goes to Les Contamines. Check the timetable...I think it gets cheaper the more journeys you pay for. You could also take the tramway up to the station in St. Gervais then hop on the free navette but again it might be about costs for a family (fun though).
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Tue 19-02-19 15:35
Replies: 22
Alpine Elements have a deal on facebook today £397 in Tignes staying at Hotel Haut de Toviere 24th feb chalet board and flights...doesn't say which airport but they usually do manchester flights..I know it's available from Manchester on march 10th as i was almost going to book it myself...£550 that date.
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Sun 16-09-18 22:03
Replies: 69
You can also get a bus easily to spend the day in Les Contamines (this resort is included in the lift pass) If you go there choose a good weather day as it is high without trees.
Well, it's only polite to Register
Sun 25-02-18 20:28
Replies: 9
There's a studio available on for £63 per night in Tignes Le Lac.
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Tue 23-01-18 23:01
Replies: 12
I've stayed at the Snowcoach hotel in St. Gervais on many occasions (this year will be 9th year) and i've always had a good time. The hotel is located in Le Fayet which is a short minibus ride away to the main lift which means no late starts.(public transport is available if a lie in is needed) The Evasion ski pass covers St.Gervais,Megeve and Les Contamines so plenty of varied slopes. You can also get on the tramway from outside the hotel to ski in Les Houches... Snowcoach will sort out a swap on the lift pass for you. I couldn't say how busy the whole area is over half term though.
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Thu 21-12-17 22:56
Replies: 16
ah ok...well the latest one was Montgenevre £435 including flights,transfers, chalet board leaving on Saturday. Or flights from gatwick or Manchester to Salzburg, Toulouse and Geneva for £99.
And post your own questions...
Thu 21-12-17 22:38
Replies: 16
Ski Miquel Holidays are offering last minute deals on their Facebook page. Holidays and flight only.
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