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Poster: A snowHead
Mon 15-07-19 12:49
Replies: 10
Hi all, we've booked a chalet in Flachau for a group of friends this coming winter 19/20. Very mixed abilities from advanced to first-time beginners. Just wondering about the suitability of the runs in Flachau for the first-timers... it seems to be reds all the way back down to the village? Are they manageable for beginners? Looking at the runs in Flachauwinkl/Zauchensee/Kleinarl, that seems like it would be a much better option for the beginners for the first day or two. Only looks like a 10 minute drive from Flachau, is that right?
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Thu 27-02-14 18:20
Replies: 26
For a romantic (and definitely not cheap) stay, I'd recommend the Post Hotel in Lake Louise, it's gorgeous. Deer Lodge is another great character hotel at LL. I'd avoid the Fairmont at all costs - it's a large corporate hotel... just a Travelodge in fancy pants. Personally though, to ski LL and Sunshine Village, you should stay in the town of Banff. Note that Banff is NOT a ski area, it's the service town for the 3 ski areas of Lake Louise (brilliant), Sunshine Village (brillianter) and Norquay (meh) (and pronounced Nor-kway). Loads of eating and drinking options in Banff, car hire options, ski bus options etc. Staying in Lake Louise is a bit like staying on the mountain - once you're there, that's it. Would agree that it can be brutally cold in January. You must come prepared, e.g. face masks, really good gloves and good thermals etc. My wife insisted on boot heaters, and some days I wished I'd had them too.
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Wed 26-02-14 16:53
Replies: 369
Just had a fantastic week skiing in Hinterglemm/Saalbach. Very, very impressed, so much so that we are already considering coming back next year. Was worried about the snow conditions beforehand, but it was fine. Bit slushy lower down by mid-afternoon but if you just stayed higher up it was perfect.
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Thu 30-01-14 16:00
Replies: 369
Thanks for that reveiw, Jj72. Sounds very encouraging indeed. Yes, we booked direct as well, got the lift pass included. Looking forward to it, let just hope there's a bit more snow in the next 2 weeks!
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Tue 28-01-14 16:59
Replies: 369
Anyone been to the Theresiegarten Hotel in Hinterglemm? Any feedback welcomed, thanks!
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Sat 8-09-12 16:21
Replies: 10
Thanks all, we've booked La Clusaz. Looking forward to it now, hope it's a good season. (I'm working in northern Canada, we'll have our first snow in the next couple of weeks)
Well, it's only polite to Register
Tue 4-09-12 21:10
Replies: 10
Thanks Paul, some good tips there. Will check them out.
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Tue 4-09-12 16:51
Replies: 10
First post, hello all. I'm beginning to plan a family ski trip in February. Now based back in England, we've lived in Canada for a few years, and have skied quite a few of the resorts in the Rockies. Lake Louise is our favourite. Standards are good intermediates (mum & dad) and advanced (kids, 12 & 10). We've averaged 30-40 days a season for the past few years, though we had none at all last year. We've never skied in Europe before as a family, but I've skied Alpe D'Huez before and really enjoyed it. Our criteria are: Skiing Don't want insane lift queues Don't want insanely busy runs, especially back to the resort Not looking for daredevil stuff, good cruising and a bit of variety would be ideal. Not bothered about boarding or terrain parks Easy access to slopes from resort (not necessarily ski-in/out) Decent choice of mountain restaurants/cafes Resort Ideally, flights from Stansted Family friendly - not looking for Club 18-30 style, or Prince Harry and his yahoo chums! Well laid out for easy access to good choice of restaurants in the evening Self-catered apartment, ideally with pool/hot-tub Bonus points for not being concrete brutalist architecture! Can anyone help with this wish-list?!?!?!? Thoughts so far: Belle Plagne, Valmorel, La Clusaz... any others I might check out? Thanks in advance!
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