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Poster: A snowHead
Mon 24-02-20 23:50
Replies: 1565
Thanks for your suggestions. I share some reservations about driving for a week. This Easter will be the first time. We have always flown in the past, but have decided not to take the eldest out of school in term time now he is at secondary. The cost of school holiday flights x 5 is quite pricey, hence switching. I know lots of people do drive, so am sure it will be fine.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Mon 24-02-20 21:37
Replies: 1565
Hello I am a long time lurker on this thread mainly in anticipation of what has now become an annual girls' weekend to St A each January. I am interested in the chat about driving to Western Austria. We are taking our kids by car to France at Easter this year. I have so far failed to persuade my OH that the Arlberg is do-able in terms of driving time, but it sounds from the posts above that it's not much longer. So my question is what advice you would give on where to stay for a family ski holiday? Much as I love St A, I don't think it is ideal for children, (and I would feel a bit sad to be there an not be able to do the apres). We had a great holiday to Lech with the kids a few years ago and would love to go back but the £££s is an issue. Should I look at the other smaller options like Warth that I don't really know anything about? Any suggestions on self catering options? We are a family of 5. Kids are 11, 9 and 5. Thank you.
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Thu 20-02-20 13:27
Replies: 4 We have one of these. Works well.
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Tue 18-02-20 15:24
Replies: 23
One option is finding a ski school with a longer day. When we went to Lech with VIP the standard ski school is 10 till 3 including an hour for lunch. The kids loved this especially as lunch was anything off the kids' menu in a mountain restaurant and a fizzy drink. The teaching was excellent and they really improved. It also gave us adults a long enough day child free to ski, and an hour before or after to ski with our eldest.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Tue 18-02-20 15:18
Replies: 23
My kids are now 11, 9 and 5. We have done a mixture or Esprit, Ski famille, Family Ski company, VIP and Mark Warner over the years and have enjoyed all of them, but we have always taken the kids out of school to keep costs down as we have a sympathetic headteacher. This year with the eldest secondary we decided not to take him out, and so the prices for us are too high in school holidays for any of the TOs above, even though the 5yo and 9yo would definitely benefit from the childcare that Esprit offer. A friend who got to this point a couple of years before us then switched to driving and self catering. She said the only downside is that they miss the social aspect of meeting other families in the hotel and get a little bit fed up of each other after skiing as a family of four all week. To this end we have booked the Snowheads EoS Family Bash at Easter, and are hoping that this will make driving and self catering more sociable. Really looking forward to it.
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Tue 17-01-17 18:23
Replies: 269
Thank you. Good to know that I can ask non weather questions here. Apres ski tips would also be appreciated! We are in the process of making table reservations for each night. Spots for drinks on and off the mountain would be made use of.
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Tue 17-01-17 15:08
Replies: 269
Hello, Apologies for the thread hijack. Can anyone recommend one of the ski schools in Mayrhofen? There are 12 in our group of 40 year old ish women coming for a long weekend are the start of March. We have a 4 beginners, 5 intermediates and 3 advanced skiers, so probably want 3 instructors for a morning or two of private instruction/guiding. I have found the 4 ski schools on the tourist office website, but was wondering if anyone had personal experience of using any of them. Thank you
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Fri 5-08-16 15:55
Replies: 4
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Thu 4-08-16 19:54
Replies: 4
Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. My friends have called the tourist office rather than just emailing them, and it looks as though a few options have come up. Fingers crossed. We are pretty constrained on flight days as we all have young kids and need to minimise disruption back at home whilst maximising ski time, but I take your point about a Saturday start day being better. We will know for another year. Thanks again.
And post your own questions...
Tue 2-08-16 14:03
Replies: 4
What began as a smallish girls' weekend ski trip, now has 15 people signed up :shock:. Unsurprisingly perhaps, we are struggling to find B&B accommodation in Mayrhofen that will take all of us. We have contacted the tourist office who couldn't help, and a few properties directly. We need 3 nights accommodation from Friday 3 March 2017, leaving Monday 6th. Has anyone done a short break in Mayrhofen? If you have, can/would you recommend your accommodation? We think we may have to split the party over a couple of properties, so smaller places may be fine. We are also considering alternative ski resorts, e.g. Soll. Any other suggestions? Flights are into Innsbruck and home from Munich. Many thanks.
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Wed 25-02-15 10:58
Replies: 8
I have friends going out to one of Ski Esprit's properties in Tignes in a couple of weeks. As a TO they should suit the ages of your children perfectly. Smaller properties that Club Med too.
And they're a friendly bunch.
Tue 17-02-15 14:59
Replies: 6
The earlier week would have the advantage of being lower season meaning quieter slopes and potentially better discounts. You might start running into more children and families for the later option. As a skier I'm not best placed to comment on good resorts for boarders though.
You know it makes sense.
Fri 23-01-15 17:30
Replies: 3
I've never posted on Snowheads before (not getting enough skiing in recently to have much to add) but I can vouch for chalet solneige near Vaujany, linked above. We stayed there about five years ago. It compared favourably to UK owned chalets. I can't remember how the price worked out. It would work best if you have your own car as it is 5 mins down the mountain from the village and the lifts, although the owners will drive you up and down (or at least they did 5 years ago). Hope that helps.
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