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Poster: A snowHead
Wed 3-04-19 21:11
Replies: 493
Hi, Anybody know what the condition of the skin track at Les Houches is like? Thanks,
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Mon 1-10-18 13:26
Replies: 36
Thanks so much for all the ideas and suggestions, lots I hadn’t thought of! Shortlisted down to two resorts now: 1) Risoul 2) Pra Loup Both 2.5 hour drive and look like nice resorts, having been to neither open to suggestions! Some interesting thoughts on the drive/Marseille , being half term we had to be a bit creative on flights and the Marseille flights were very reasonable compared with the more ‘usual’ airports. Definitely did look on the map and looks like it’s motorway virtually all the way and looks straight forward, if it works it could be an interesting way of getting to southern alps ski stations..... we’ll see :D
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Sat 29-09-18 15:02
Replies: 36
Interesting, Serre chevalier would be good! Looks like it’s approximately an hours more driving 3.5 as opposed to 2.5 for Pra Loup. Having never been to either, not sure, what do you think?
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Sat 29-09-18 13:50
Replies: 36
Hello, We’ve booked Monday -Friday flights to Marseille over February half term, everything else was looking really expensive. Don’t really know the ski resorts within reasonable driving distance from Marseille, we are thinking of Pra Loup but haven’t been there, any ideas what it’s like or any other resorts we should be looking at? Family of four all reasonably good skiers. Thank you!
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Fri 9-02-18 10:06
Replies: 5
Thanks so much for your replies. It looks like a great spot for a short break. Looks like we left it a little late for booking accommodation though, couldn’t find anything quite suitable for half term. Bit of hasty replanning and we are off on Monday to a tiny resort in the Pyrenees- Porte de Comte. Madesimo does look great though and definitely keen to visit, must get a bit more organised! Thanks
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Thu 1-02-18 15:25
Replies: 5
.....also I’ve just noticed that it’s Carneval festival Feb 13th. Is this a public holiday in Italy? I seem to remember it is in Austria. Would you expect the slopes to be a lot busier? Thanks
Well, it's only polite to Register
Thu 1-02-18 9:50
Replies: 5
Hello, Thinking of arranging a last minute trip to Madesimo over half term. We've never been there before, looks good for us, would be a Monday - Friday trip so don't need a hugely extensive ski area. What I was wondering is - does it get particularly busy there over half term? What is the lift network like, or any other info for a first timer to that area? Many thanks in advance
After all it is free Go on u know u want to!
Wed 31-01-18 14:26
Replies: 8
Thanks for all the advice, I’ve just ordered the Superguide! Looking forward to trying them out
Then you'll get to see more forums.
Wed 24-01-18 14:32
Replies: 8
Hi, I am looking at upgrading my ski touring setup and was wondering if anyone has any experience using the Scott Superguide 95? Ive currently got some dynafit manaslu 2013 version 187cm length. They have been a good ski but I find them a bit too flexible and slightly to tall for me (I’m 183cm). The ski will be used for day tours and hut to hut tours, I’m hoping that the 95mm underfoot strikes the right balance for uphill weight and downhill performance. Other options that I’m looking at are the g3 findr, similar dimesions slightly heavier. Any other options that I should be looking at? Thanks in advance
And post your own questions...
Thu 12-03-15 13:13
Replies: 1
Hi, Has anyone fitted a dynafit radical 92mm binding to a larger ski, ie 100mm wide ski? I assume the ski brakes have a bit of 'give' in them, just wondering if this is possible. Thanks in advance :)
which other snowHeads love to answer.
Sun 25-01-15 9:51
Replies: 3
Hello, I'm thinking of buying a new set of touring skis and dynafit bindings. I've previously only used fritsche frame bindings so new to tech bindings. I was thinking of buying from an online shop in germany, (echange rate at the moment makes them a good deal) they also offer a mounting service free of charge. My question is can the dynafit bindings be accurately mounted without my ski boots or does it need to be done with my ski boots on the bindings? I've read that the gap between boot heal and binding is critical 5.5mm so I would have thought that this needs to be measured against my boot, or are boots of sufficient standard sizes that this isnt a problem? Many thanks!
And they're a friendly bunch.
Thu 31-10-13 19:44
Replies: 16
Thanks for the replies, guess its a bit of a dilemma, if I book early we get a discount and also get a free lift pass each, but then again may gets some good deals late on and can go where there is good snow. The tour company are also offering the same deal to st anton, never been there either, another thread! Cheers
You know it makes sense.
Mon 28-10-13 22:44
Replies: 16
Should have mentioned dates actually planning to go 6th april.
Otherwise you'll just go on seeing the one name:
Mon 28-10-13 19:02
Replies: 16
Hi, We are thinking about an Easter ski trip and looks like we can get a good deal to morzine first week of the Easter holidays. Having never been though am concerned with what it would be like at Easter in terms of skiing conditions, it doesn't look particularly high, but looks reasonable access to higher areas. Anybody been there over Easter, thoughts? Thanks :D
Poster: A snowHead
Tue 16-10-12 10:48
Replies: 21
at the moment it looks like the flights to milan are the cheapest, so dont mind a slightly longer drive, as long as the roads aren't too bad/ access reliable in winter. hmm decisions, decisions. the dolomite secenry looks amazing, but the accomadation in montgenevre looks to offer slighly better value, dilema! thanks for all the info! very helpful, any other top tips?
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Mon 15-10-12 18:16
Replies: 21
Hello, Busy trying to plan the family ski trip for Feb half term. I think I have narrowed it down to either Montgenevre or Corvara area and would be interested in opinions for a family holiday with two children aged 7 & 9 both skied before, happy on blue runs. Are the resorts likely to be similarly busy over half term? Will probably be flying into Milan then driving, are there any nasty mountain passes to cross over en-route? Planning to rent a self catered apartment, are costs similar in the two resorts, any recomendations? Many thanks!
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