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Poster: A snowHead
Sat 19-12-20 11:54
Replies: 168
One wonders if Gammons are on the prohibited list.
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Wed 16-12-20 12:18
Replies: 18
For anyone with racer's background, I think it's pretty clear... get real race GS skis. If you are used to that, anything else will feel like overcooked spaghetti. Contrary to what people on forums (most without single day of race training) think, real race skis are perfectly fine on public slopes. 90% of my skiing on groomed tracks is on real men World cup stock race GS skis (rest is on SL). With your age and weight, and race background, you will do fine on real women GS ski. And it's gonna be way more fun, then trying to ski the way you are used to on some non race plank. My fave pair from my racing days were 210 Atomic SG, totally loved those red planks, utter joy to open them up, so smooth and so much control. That said I personally wouldn't want to ski that or a FIS GS ski for free skiing now. After a break from skiing I returned on a set of rentals, then purchased some Nordica Enforcer 93s which I find pretty lovely though have to admit to having an itch to get some piste orientated GSish planks for those cold fresh mornings. There's definitely non FIS skis out there that will not be like over cooked spaghetti, Head World Cup Rebels i.Speed Pro Race springs to mind.
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name.
Fri 11-12-20 21:45
Replies: 18
I'd be inclined to go for a non FIS ski, something like a Blizzard Firebird Competition / Salomon S Race and the like.
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Wed 9-12-20 22:03
Replies: 16
I've had a moderate inguinal hernia which i first noticed about 6 weeks ago. Amazingly the NHS have booked me a slot for a repair opp on Dec 21st. I've been and met the surgeon who ran me through the process ,done under local and will involve a mesh being installed , he said to avoid my declared activities of biking and skiing for 6 weeks. This obviously eats into the 'potential' ski season heavily and will result in a loss of fitness . It would be stupid to delay the opp as i've been incredibly fortunate to get this slot but i just wondered if any one has had the same and the expected recovery time . I looked on line and the Nhs say activities such as walking and biking can resume just about straight away, or as soon as is comfortable to do so . I like this advice much better . Anyone had similar ? Thanks, Dave I’d have a stab at around 6 weeks or so? That’s just the opinion of some random on the internet though. And the surgeon who probably knows what he’s on about and the specifics of your case.
Anyway, snowHeads is much more fun if you do.
Wed 9-12-20 21:55
Replies: 15
Staying on hard packed / groomed as the OP says, fixed on Blizzard? Maybe consider Blizzard Firebird Competition 76, dependent on ability, skiing style of course.
You'll need to Register first.
Thu 19-11-20 1:02
Replies: 29
Accurate length measurement? Forefoot width? Heel width? Instep height? Volume? Calf size? Pronation? Supination? Dorsiflexion? Shell fit? End of thread! ..... meanwhile, back in the real world.. I grew up with 3rd or 4th hand equipment but still felt very lucky to be able to ski regularly and so far my son and daughter have always had ebay boots with no complaints. Yes, a pair of £500 boots with a professional fit of the intuition liner and superfeet footbeds will be 'better' - I simply can't afford (or even want) to pay for that for a 12 year old kid. We ski as a fun family activity and I have no wish to bring my kids up to think that they need to obsesse over having the 'best' equipment to be able to participate (much like my parents did). My son usually skis 20-25 days per year in Scotland so rental boots isn't really a viable option and we have no plans to go abroad. I have measured his feet and the left one is 27.5cm, right one just under 28.0cm Thanks for the (sensible) replies so far - I just wandered if anyone knew of any adult boots that might be suitable for a young'un with massive feet! Ladies and junior boots don't seem to go up that big. :lol: :lol: I did find that response somewhat sharp, especially from someone with a retail connection, hardly likely to encourage one to approach that store for friendly advice leading to purchases. I realise you're not keen on visiting shops at the moment however if the Covid situation gets to the point where it's good enough to consider a ski holiday I'd consider a look at Decathlon if there's one near you. They seem to have a pretty broad selection available and are fairly well priced, part season great even more so as you'd expect.
Well, it's only polite to Register
Tue 17-11-20 22:28
Replies: 29
Sounds to me like he is a recreational holiday skier. I'd think you'll only be going skiing when/if the aforementioned Covid issues are resolved, therefore you can go to a shop and get him sorted properly. Also, as he is only 12 I would guess he will continue to grow, if he is only a 1, 2, 3 week a year skier perhaps renting is best until he is grown.
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