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French ski instructors' union responds to snowHeads poll

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
The Chairman of the French ski instructors' union has responded to a snowHeads poll which shows preference for a choice in ski schools. Defending the practices of the French national ski school ESF and its qualification process, Giles Chabert argues the case for the four-year qualification, justifying the restrictions placed on independent ski schools and employment of trainee instructors...

M. Chabert stresses the need for comprehensive training - "adults or children, beginner or competition standard" - for every instructor.

The debate continues, with independent ski schools slowly emerging to challenge the ESF. You can read M. Chabert's letter to snowHeads here, and PG's poll and discussion of ski schools in France here.

Please vote and join the debate if you have views on what you'd like to see from ski schools in France.
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